Da Yu Lin Oolong from Cloudwalker Teas

Tea Type: Oolong

Where To Buy: Cloudwalker Teas

Product Description:

One notable characteristic of high level oolong tea is a total absence of bitterness. Such is the way with this ultra high grade oolong. Da Yiu Lin is remarkably smooth and rich with natural oil. It is soft and broad, exhibiting qualities of sweet, fresh flowers. This is a high level, high energy tea which is not easy to come by in Taiwan let alone outside. It is rich, sparkling, smooth, clean and transportative. Truly a top shelf oolong. If you are looking for a particularly special fresh, high mountain oolong tea, this is the one for you; a tea to be respected.

A note on preparation: unlike most oolongs, you can get away with having too many leaves in your teapot or having water much closer to boiling when poured over the leaves because it is of such a high quality. A truly forgiving and excellent tea.

Tasters Review:

This is the very first Cloudwalker Tea I have ever tried and am very excited!!!

I have seen this referred to as both Da Yu Lin as well as Da Lie Lin.  Regardless…I must say this tea infuses to a bright greenish-yellow. It has next to no scent but if I try real hard with one eye crossed I suppose I can get a VERY subtle floral scent to it. The taste IS incredibly smooth and semi-sweet. It is fresh, clean, crisp, and quite tasty! This is very good! AND I’m looking forward to more of the Cloudwalker Teas loose leaf teas!