Toasta Rica from Mad Pots of Tea

ToastaRicaMadPotsofTeaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong, Black, Yerba Mate & Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Mad Pots of Tea

Tea Description:

Rainforest, Autumn, Rich spice scents, Costa Rica, Full-Bodied, Meditative  Toasty, Aromatic, Fruity, Spicy, Exotic, Intense, Earth Tones.

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Taster’s Description:

This Toasta Rica from Mad Pots of Tea is a PersonaliTEA that was created for my SororiTea Sister, Azzrian!  And it is really delicious.  I love that I’m tasting all the components here … with the exception of the Stevia … of which I taste very little!  Perfect!

As I sit here and sip and peruse the words of inspiration list (which I’ve included as the “Tea Description” above), I realize that this tea really does fit every single one of these words to a TEA!  This tea evokes thoughts of the rainforest with its earthy notes and warm, woodsy tones.  The spices speak of autumn to me.  It is indeed a meditative, toasty, aromatic, fruity, spicy, exotic, intense, Earthy, full-bodied blend of flavors!

I love that I’m tasting the ginger, the allspice, the coriander and the cardamom.  I taste a warm, peppery taste to this cup.  There are notes of fruit that taste as though they have been baked in spices … like a baked apple that has been liberally spiced.  It is toasty and warm … and definitely exotic.

But the best part of this tea for me is the Sarsaparilla.  I love it!  It adds just a hint of root beer-ish flavor to the cup … and the spices and sweetness of this cup seem to enhance the root-beer-y taste … like one of those gourmet root beers you might pick up in one of the expensive grocery stores.

If you haven’t yet filled out your own PersonaliTEA questionnaire to order your own custom tea … what are you waiting for?  It’s fun … and it really is a delight to receive a package from Mrs. Potts!  I need to be reordering my own Personalized blend (Anne’s Creative Cup!) because I’ve been out of it for a while now and I miss it!

Toasta Rica from Mad Pots of Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong, Mate, Ceylon, Rooibos Blend

Where to Buy:  Mad Pots of Tea

Tea Description:

If You Were a Tea, What Would You Taste Like?

I’m sure this is a question you find yourself pondering almost daily…. If you want your own Custom Blend or “PersonaliTEA” Make My Blend!


Taster’s Review:

Mad Pots of Tea has a few select blends for sale on their site, but what is more important is that they make your custom blend for you based on a short but interesting survey that you take prior to their master blender Madam Potts taking over and mixing up your specialized tea!

It is all based on your likes, personality, and a answers to the survey. Its as if she profiles you!

My blend is called Toasta Rica because I love Costa Rica, and I like toasty teas. My tea came in a nice resealable brown paper bag which I believe is from recycled paper (love it) and a lovely card personalized by Madam Potts which reads:

Words of Inspiration from your form:

Rainforest, Autumn, Rich spice scents, Costa Rica, Full-Bodied, Mediative, Toasty, Aromatic, Fruity, Spicy, Exotic, Intense, Earth Tones.

Which basically means keywords I had put into the questionnaire I filled out when I began my journey on her site.

Also there is a note that my blend has never been created and will never be created for anyone else! It is a unique tea – just like me.

Of course I have big cheesy smiles all around now!

The ingredients of my blend include: Imperial Oolong, Mango Ceylon, Yerba Mate, Rooibos, Ginger Root, Sarsaparilla, Damiana, Allspice, Coriander, Cardamon, and Stevia.

I do love a good chai and this tea has a true chai flavor to it but one thing I notice when sipping this tea is a wonderful black pepper note that just dances on the tip of my tongue – I LOVE black pepper! It is a sweet tea that has just the right amount of fruit notes to it without being too fruity and cutting through the intense tones of what I call my renaissance tea!

While you can’t get my exact blend, of course without asking me for it, I just want to say how in love I am with my tea blend from Mad Pots of Tea and I want to encourage any tea lover to give her method of finding the perfect blend for you a try!

Turn around on your blend is not fast. I waited five weeks from the time of order to receiving it but I am fine with that as it seems there was time allowed for the flavors to meld and the true beauty of this tea to develop.

I am thrilled with my blend even though my head was not thinking chai-esque the fact is chai is one of my first tea loves! Not only is this a chai tea but an extremely excellent chai at that! I have several chai teas from many companies here but this one is supreme!

Somehow Madame Pots hit the nail on the head with this blend not forgetting I needed something a tad bit fruity to break the monotony of the chai spices! I love that oolong was used as a base, I am an oolong lover through and though but I also love that some mate was added as I always need to get my energy flowing! I do not feel that any of these flavor components, although there are many strong elements in this tea, take over. Each flavor is getting its time in the Toasta Rica sun! Oh yeah!

Thank you Madame Potts!