Banana Maple Oatmeal from The NecessiTeas. . . .

I have a coworker that’s always wandering around the office with a bowl of oatmeal. It’s like his familiar — except it’s not a black cat. It’s food.

I’m always jealous of this oatmeal. You might be asking yourself “why don’t you get yourself a bowl of oatmeal?” I’VE HAD THAT IDEA, OKAY? Whenever I try to make my own, it never, ever smells as good as his.

Forget food preparation. I’m over it. I’m just going to make this tea instead.

This tea comes in a packet with real oatmeal and cinnamon and brown sugar in it. My desire is literally to just eat the contents of the bag. However, as someone over the age of 5, I knew I could not make this choice. I had to make the responsible decision. I had to steep it.

And aha! It really does taste like maple syrup, brown sugar, and oats!

There’s also, after you swallow, a little bit of a banana aftertaste. I’m not usually hype about banana flavors, but these are real bananas, not those yucky yellow banana-shaped candies that taste like a dumpster.

Mixed with the oats, the banana is transformed into a banana-bread flavor. And I’ll love the bread form of almost anything. I even like zucchini bread. And this is from a gal who probably couldn’t pick a zucchini out of a lineup. (Isn’t it kind of cucumber-like?)

Mmmm. This is a really nice blend. It’s totally worth a try, especially if you like the ingredients. You’ll be impressing your coworkers in no time.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  The NecessiTeas

Oh, the aroma of banana and maple floating through the house… This oatmeal smelled so good simmering on the stove, I could hardly wait to eat it! And then I had that “Aha!” moment. Why not turn my breakfast into a big cup of morning deliciousness? This breakfast tea has all the yummy flavors of maple donuts mixed with banana bread and oatmeal cookies. Now, THAT is quite the combination!

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