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matcha reviews

Organic “Sugar Destroyer” Royal Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Type: Matcha (Green Tea Base)

Where To Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Product Description:

Have you ever heard of Gymnema Sylvestre? Well, not many people have. Gymnema is really quite a neat and interesting herb nicknamed “The Sugar Destroyer” You may wonder why it is called that and you are about to find out. Gymnema is a unique herb that assists in many sugar-related aspects of life. It does not add sugar, replace sugar or any of that. What Gymnema Sylvestre does is this:

Regulates blood sugar levels Curbs your appetite for sweets things and goodies Helps maintain a healthy weight Helps maintain normal cholesterol levelsIdeal for people who have a sweet tooth, this interesting herb makes it easier to resist sugar cravings and ensure healthier life without the needs for something sugary and sweet.

We are pretty excited about this herb, so much so that we have added to our famous and high-quality Matcha Green Tea. Our Sugar Destroy Matcha not only has the many benefits of Gymnema Sylvestre, but also the many health benefits of Matcha Green Tea.

Matcha Green Tea features many healthful qualities such as optimal heart health, cancer-fighting properties and blood detoxification. It also helps burn calories. Combined, Matcha Tea and Gymnema enables sugar to be absorbed in the intestine. This tea blend blocks the sugar taste so you do not crave it as much. Gymnema Sylvestre is very often used in the Ayurvedic (long life) community to help control Types I and II Diabetes. Matcha and Gymnema are also known to help regulate weight loss and cholesterol levels.
The National Institute of Health conducted a study showing that Gymnema can be a safe and effective weight-loss formula that helps reduce excess body weight and BMI (body mass index) while maintaining healthy levels of blood lipids. Source: NIH
You can see, then, that our Sugar Destroyer Matcha works wonders for your body to maintain health and promote healthy weight and healthy living naturally. This is a wonderful combination tea you will love and it will help reduce that sweet tooth while offering many other health benefits.

Tasters Review:

By know you may have noticed I’m a fan of Red Leaf Tea!  They are a great company with a wonderful selection.  I especially enjoy their newer matcha additions!  They have many matcha’s that other companies have NEVER thought of doing – or even attempting!  I like that!  I LOVE when tea companies think outside the box!  Another thing I really like about Red Leaf Tea is their product descriptions!  They really know how to educate their customers!  I really enjoyed learning about Gymnema Sylevestre!

As far as my opinions and findings while sampling this matcha of theirs…I found it to be a very nice, strong , rich, – and HEALTHY – matcha!  Not to mention great quality tasting matcha!  It leaves a leafy green meets veggie aftertaste but it’s darn good!  If you are a matcha fan – this is one you don’t want to pass up!

Noni Matcha from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Type: Matcha (Green Tea Base)

Where To Buy: Red Leaf Tea

Product Description:

We have done and continue to do our best in bringing you quality tea products that are natural and healthy. Well, we have done it again! We have taken our highest quality Green Tea, Matcha, and combined it none other than the super fruit known as Noni. Now, you may have heard of Noni before and even tried it from a few different companies only to be left disappointed and feeling ripped off. You do not have to feel that way anymore! You see, we searched and searched the world over to find only the best Noni product to add to our fabulous Matcha Tea.

If you have never heard of Noni, open your ears wide and try to take this all in! The Noni fruit is, like Acai, a super fruit. Noni is found in India, Barbados, Malaysia and Hawaii. Our 100% pure and raw Noni comes from Hawaii. This is not just any Noni, mind you. This is the highest quality Noni that has been freeze-dried to maintain all its integrity. It is 100% raw, pure and organic. After freeze-drying, our Noni is crushed into a fine powder just like our Matcha Green Tea. And just like our Matcha, our Noni powder has all the nutrients and health benefits as though it had never even been removed from its original source. We know it is really amazing and we will tell you why. Our organic Noni powder has so many health benefits it will blow your mind. Not only is Noni a valuable source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, our 100% pure and raw Noni powder has:

Powerful antioxidants that help support and maintain a healthy immune system T-cell producing qualities that are essential for supporting proper health The ability to help support cellular tissue growth Tumor growth prevention properties Capability to strengthen the digestive system The ability to increase energy and vitality All 9 essential amino acids Capability to help fight infections and cancers The ability to aid in the treatment of lupus and diabetes Capability to fight athlete’s foot The ability to provide relief from flu symptomsWith more benefits to numerous to mention, it is no wonder that we have added such a powerful fruit to our equally powerful Matcha Green Tea. Of course, you cannot let all the healthful qualities of our Noni powder trump the health benefits of our Matcha Tea.

Our wonderful Matcha Tea has qualities like helping improve heart health, detoxifying blood and fighting cancer as well as helping with calorie burn. Together, our Noni and Matcha are lethal combination against bad health and fatigue! Our Noni Matcha is amazing, tastes great and helps keep you healthy throughout the year.

You will not find a healthier tea anywhere than right here and that healthy tea is our very own Noni Matcha.

Tasters Review:

As many of you know I have been a vegetarian for 17+ years.  Over the past month or so I have been educating myself more on Raw Vegan Foods.  When I saw that this Noni Matcha from Red Leaf Tea was RAW and Red Leaf Tea seems to be marketing it as such – I was VERY excited!  If you know of anyone who is into RAW Foods – tell them about this Noni Matcha!  YES!  It is 100% raw, pure and organic.

Dry – right out of the package – the first thing that came to mind when I smelled this was Noni flavored Scones!

After mixing up it smells like fruit and veggies with matcha!

This is pretty good.  It’s a tad tart but unique and super healthy!  It’s a nice change-up from your plain-jane matcha!  I haven’t come across a Noni Flavored Matcha yet and I am very excited that Red Leaf has made this flavored matcha come to be!

Chocolate Ecstasy Matcha from Domo

Tea Type: Matcha
(Green Tea Base)

Where To Buy: Domo

Product Description:

Chocolate Ecstasy fuses the soothing warmth of hot chocolate with the healthy and exotic taste of organic matcha, so you get the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect drink for a frosty winter morning or a cozy evening in. And you can use it to make an amazing chocolate martini or three, if you’re having one of those nights.

Tasters Review:

I held off on writing a review for this one for a while now because I wanted to have time to play with it before posting here on SororiTEA Sisters.

The first time I tried this…

ONE…I was overly eager to try it because…well…HELLO…it’s Chocolate!?  And TWO…the color of this is was much different that I expected!   It looks like a cloudy milk…I was thinking it would look like chocolate milk or something.  However, the taste was fairly mellow and very milky and had a slight cocoa taste at the end of the sip and on to the after taste.

The 2nd time I tried it I did what I like to call a DOUBLE SHOT.  And OH YEAH!  That made a difference!  I started with a little over 1 TBS and added 2 more…it’s more than suggested as they suggest 1-2 T but I figured I would try 3!

The color was still milky but with a cocoa and greenish tint to it. The smell is like milk with a hint of chocolate.

The taste is still quite gentle on the chocolate-side but VERY Creamy/Milky! This is very, very tasty!

I then went on to try this a 3rd time…

I added a splash of rice milk to it and it did make it a little more chocolate-like…moreso in the finish on to the aftertaste.

For my 4th attempt…I got overly crazy…but I thought…”What’s the worst that could happen.”

I used 8 tsps of this in about 6 or a little more ounces of water and I found Chocolate Matcha Bliss!

Moral of the story…experiment!  It’s FUN and with Matcha – is so diverse – by experimenting it will make just about anyone a Mad Matcha Scientist!

Chocolate Ecstasy Matcha from Domo is the perfect flavored Matcha to play around with!  Give it a try!  You’ll be glad you did!

Latte Matcha Tea from Teanobi

Tea Type:
Matcha (Green Tea Base)

Where To Buy: Teanobi

Product Description:

This Matcha is specially blended for a Matcha Latte. This blend provides a smooth rich texture and deep green tea flavor to make a full bodied Latte, just add milk. This blend dissolves quicker than any of our other products for instant use. Can be used both steaming hot and iced.

Our Premium Latte Matcha is made with a higher grade of gyokuro leaves. This yields a finer texture and more delicate flavor. The aroma is sweeter and the flavor is less bitter than our standard matcha. Both are a delight to drink they just have a slightly different flavor profile.

This tea is made from Gyokuro grown exclusively in the Shizuoka region of Japan. There are no preservatives or additives of any kind. Imported directly from Japan to preserve peak freshness.

  • Imported in small batches to guarantee peak freshness
  • No preservatives, additives, flavorings or sweeteners of any kind.
  • Grown, harvested and processed in Japan

Tasters Review:

Let me start this review off my saying…I’m a rebel child.  I have a hard time following instructions.  Especially with my teas!  I like to do what I call a DOUBLE SHOT – twice the amount for the same amount of time.  I was really tempted to with this but forced myself into following the instructions the first time I tried Teanobi’s Latte Matcha!

Therefore…I did 1 cup of hot milk with 1/4 tsp of this latte powder.  It had a very pale aroma before adding to the milk and afterwards as well.  I will say that the milk/powder color is beautiful!   It reminds me of a “Grasshopper”.  You know like the frozen-adult beverage type.  This powder paired with the milk froths up very nice without much work at all!   All I had to do was stir!  There were a few small clumps which was more my measuring cups fault than this lovely powder and it was fairly easy to take care of with a few more stirs! No Problem!

This is VERY frothy and milky-smooth!  It’s creamy, too!  I noticed as it cools for a little bit at room temperature the flavor was enhanced slightly.  I could taste more of the ‘green tea’ come thru.  The green veggie type green tea that is…much like broccoli and along with the milk it sort of reminded me of cream of broccoli soup!  It’s quite FAB!

I wanted to try this with Almond Milk but I didn’t have any.   I used regular milk.  I am also going to try this without milk and try it with water instead just to see the difference!  And because I am a Rebel Child…will probably try a DOUBLE SHOT just for kicks!

I think this is a very good matcha powder product – I love that it was created with Latte’s in mind!  This is very nice!  And another winner from Teanobi!

Red Matcha from Pure Matcha

Tea Type: Matcha
(Rooibos Base)

Where To Buy: Pure Matcha

Product Description:

Rooibos, which is grown deep in the heart of South Africa, is a deeply rich, aromatic, and flavorful tea. Naturally caffeine free and full of anti-oxidants and vitamins. 47% more than any green tea. Our Rooibos is stone ground into the finest powder. Allowing you to consume the whole leaf, just like traditional Matcha. By consuming the leaf, you absorb almost 10 times more anti-oxidants and vitamins than the regular method of drinking Rooibos, where the leaves are removed after brewing. This results in a stronger, richer, and naturally sweet flavor you will never forget. Our 100% Rooibos Powder will leave your body and mind completely revitalized and rejuvinated.

Tasters Review:

Red Matcha is a plain rooibos base made into a powder so there is no flavoring to really comment on other than it DOES smell and taste exactly like Rooibos and what you think it would and should smell and taste like.

Having said that…

The real notable thing to mention here is the QUALITY.  It’s top-notch as far as Rooibos quality goes…in matcha form the rooibos is very clean tasting but semi-murky in the water…it looks like a latte, however, and that makes sense!

It’s smooth and sweet and I think it’s very good as-is (plain) but I am sure you can get creative with it just as easy!  If you are into Matcha Powders – give this a whirl!