Muscat Oolong from Lupicia

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Oolong

Where to Buy: Lupicia

Tea Description:

Full-flavored tea is exquisitely accented with a sweet muscat grapes.

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Taster’s Review:

Today is my daughter’s 18th Birthday and in celebration of her special day I wanted to do a review on her favorite tea. There are only a handful of teas my daughter really loves, not being much of a tea drinker, however this one is the one tea she absolutely adores. She will smell Muscat Oolong steeping even if she is in the other room. She always comes out sniffing the air saying in a sweet voice, “Muscat?” She always has the same look on her face too, that look that says “You know I will be taking that cup now right mom?”. So instead of having her take my cup I have learned to always prepare one for her when I make my own, which of course I don’t mind! Any tea lover wants others to share the joy with them, especially if it is their dear child.

This tea is much like my darling daughter, delicate, refined, well mannered, unpretentious, and sweet.

The tea base is a lovely dark roasted oolong with character and depth that allows the Muscat to play off its power which I feel enhances the sweetness nicely. While the Muscat is sweet it is absolutely the sweetness of fresh Muscat and not that of some artificial flavor additive. The cup is juicy and very natural tasting.

As I said before, my daughter can sniff this tea out from the other room, but it may be that just about anyone could as the aroma is amazing, intoxicating really.

The tea is so good unadulterated yet with a little rock sugar the sweetness of the grape really shines. I by no means feel you need to add the sugar though. My daughter prefers hers with no additives. You really can’t go wrong either way. Straight it is refreshing and pure juicy goodness, with sugar it is sweeter and the sugar brings out a wine like flavor. Perhaps that is why I prefer it with sugar, as I used to really love a quality wine.

The experience of drinking this tea makes you feel as if you have just walked through a beautiful vineyard and are now sampling some of the grapes and wine that were birthed there.

Of course it is no surprise to me that my daughter would choose her favorite tea to be one of such beauty and perfection – as it is just a mirror of herself.

Happy birthday to my Emma.

Castleton Muscatel (2nd Flush) from Darjeeling Tea Lovers

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black (Darjeeling)

Where to Buy:  Darjeeling Tea Lovers

Tea Description:

CASTLETON MUSCATEL is one of the finest muscatel teas that we have come across this season. This tea has been made from selective leaves that come from PURE CHINA BUSHES at an altitude of 6200 ft above sea level which is ideal for the MUSCAT FLAVOUR.

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Taster’s Review:

Every time I go to open a new pouch of tea from Darjeeling Tea Lovers, I am so excited for what awaits me.  The teas I’ve tried from them so far have been absolutely incredible, and this one is also amazing.

This has such a crisp flavor … there are actually faint notes of mint in the background!  The muscatel is a very forward flavor.  Sweet and fruity with a fair amount of astringency.  The cleansing astringency is somewhat dry and plays to the muscatel notes quite nicely, giving it an almost wine-like finish.  In the aftertaste I notice a far off in the distance hint of mint, but otherwise the aftertaste is very clean.

I find this to be a very enjoyable cup of tea – usually with Darjeeling teas, I find that they make a really nice afternoon cup because they aren’t overly energizing; they tend to be more of a calming, relaxing cup of tea.  But I find this particular Darjeeling to be more invigorating … I could easily start the day with this!  The flavor is very vibrant!

If you are a fan of Darjeeling Teas, you really MUST try the teas from Darjeeling Tea Lovers.  Every single tea that I’ve tried from them has been a superb example of what Darjeeling tea should be – and while that definition seems to get broader and broader for me the more I drink Darjeeling, it is one I don’t mind redefining, because I keep finding more to love about Darjeeling – thanks to this company!