Sencha Sensation from T2 Tea

Sencha Sensation from T2 Tea is a flavored green tea blend with added flower petals.  Since this is a green tea, remember to keep your water temperature cooler than normal to bring out the best flavors.

When brewed, this blend smells buttery and tropical.  These flavors continue into the taste with passionfruit and citrus flavors complementing the lush and fresh green tea base. The tea is sugary from the fruitiness without being candy-like, and the end of each sip features more of the natural celery or sweetgrass flavors of the green tea leaves.

I drank this blend warm on a rainy day for an afternoon pick-me-up and the fruity and floral flavors helped sweeten my mood.  This would also be a great tea to cold brew. The cooler temperature would suit the green tea and the tropical flavors always taste better over ice.

Let yourself get swept up in the Sencha Sensation.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: green
Where to Buy: T2 Tea
Description: A blend of petals with sencha green tea produces a light floral taste and citrus aroma. A subtle flavoured green for those who like a delicate brew.

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Blue Lady from Zest Tea

With a name like Blue Lady I thought this would be like Lady Grey, a type of earl grey. But I was mistaken! Not an earl grey, but a flowery orange pekoe.

Beyond the black tea, there is hibiscus and passion fruit, fragrant even in the dry leaf. Brewed, the black tea is bright and crisp, which pairs well with the juicy hibiscus. The sour red fruit taste of the hibiscus adds a jammy, berry flavor beneath the citrus tones of the orange pekoe.

This is not too sweet or sour, still very suitable for a breakfast cup of tea. With just enough tropical flair this blend is summery and satisfying, hot or iced.

And since this blend is from Zest Tea, there is added tea extract so you know each cup packs a punch of caffeine without the coffee jitters. When you want a juicier take on classic orange pekoe, brew up a mug of Blue Lady.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Zest Tea

Our Blue Lady Black blends a sultry South Indian black tea base with an aromatic mix of orange, lemon, passion fruit, and hibiscus. A peppering of vivid blue cornflower petals and bits of orange peel make for a visual spectacle. Blue lady will excite all of your senses. No wonder this is a favorite among hot and chilled tea drinkers.

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A Kid-Friendly Novelty, Delicious, Gross Swampwater from David’s Tea

David’s Tea company always have the cutest seasonal mugs, and I just can’t help but check out their fall collection as soon as it goes up on their website.  Their loose-leaf teas are generally all blends, and tend to be on the sweeter side.  That said, it is a colorful and friendly place to get started for those who are new to tea.  

This Halloween season, I ordered a cute ceramic jar with glow-in-the-dark ghosts.  To get the jar, it came filled with tea, and this blend was such a good time I had to write a review.  The tea that came with my jar was Swampwater.  This green rooibos blend is flavored with papaya and passionfruit and is decked out with orange and black-cat sprinkles.  It smells sweet and fruity in the dry leaf, and tastes even more sugary when brewed.  The tropical flavors reminded me of gummy candies or melted popsicles.  Definitely a sweet indulgence, but a nice reward for Halloween.  

The real trick with this blend is that this tea brews up murky and opaque– like swampwater!  It reminds me of those gross-out candy workshops that all little brothers seemed to have in their toy collection.  When brewed with hot water, the sprinkles melt to change the color of the brew, and this innocent rooibos ends up looking as densely colored as a cup of matcha, but more brown than green.  Even if you like to drink your tea iced, I recommend brewing this hot and chilling it.  If the tea is used in a cold brew, the sprinkles won’t melt and you won’t get this sensational color-change magic.  

Because of its decaf nature, the sweetness, and the novelty of the color change, this would be a great drink for a kids’ Halloween party.  It looks gross and tastes great, and what kid can resist some black-cat sprinkles on Halloween?  If you order it soon, you might still be able to get the glow-in-the-dark ghost jar as an added bonus.  Happy Halloween!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Rooibos
Where to Buy: David’s Tea

After we retired this fruity limited edition tea, we never thought we’d see it again. But this Halloween, it rose from the grave one last time. With rooibos, papaya, passion fruit and black cat sprinkles, it’s a spooky blend worthy of any Halloween festivities – and best of all, it steeps to a sinister dark green colour. The scariest part? People can’t seem to get enough of it. So make sure you get your hands on this frightfully delicious tea before it goes back to the grave.

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Find Strength – Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea from Teamotions

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Teamotions

Product Description:

Regain inner strength and self-confidence with empowering jiaogulan blended with fragrant jasmine green tea and tropical passionfruit.

Ingredients:  Jasmine Green Tea, Jiaogulan, Jasmine Flowers, Cornflowers, Natural Flavors.

Taster’s Review:

The dry leaf smells so strongly of passionfruit that it is hard to believe that there are any other ingredients in this tea.  I can see the jasmine flowers and the green tea, but I worried that I wouldn’t be able to taste the jasmine.  However, as the tea brews, the passionfruit fragrance softens somewhat and allows the other aromas to emerge.  In my cup, I can now smell the passionfruit, the green tea and the jasmine … and it smells wonderful!

The flavor is fantastic.  I was a little unsure, because I had never heard of jiaogulan before, and on this information page about jiaogulan, there were some comparisons made to ginseng, and I hoped it wouldn’t taste too much like ginseng as that is definitely not my favorite flavor.  Fortunately, it does not.

I really like this combination of flavors.  The sweetness of the passionfruit together with the somewhat sharp notes of the jasmine and the slightly grassy taste of the green tea really meld together beautifully.

Passionfruit is the strongest taste here.  It tastes sweet and luscious.  The jasmine notes weave their way onto the palate throughout the sip, while the vegetative taste of the green tea sits in the background, content to let the passionfruit and jasmine play.

There is a fair amount of astringency to this cup.  The finish is smooth and the aftertaste is sweet yet clean and herbaceous.  Maybe even a little bit soapy – but not unpleasantly so.  As I near the end of the cup, I find that there is almost a numbing of the tongue, an effect that I suspect comes from the jiaogulan.  It isn’t an unpleasant experience, though, it is just a little unusual.  It doesn’t detract from the very pleasant flavor.

This tea is delicious hot or iced – it is extremely refreshing (and invigorating!) on a hot summer day!

Find Strength – Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea from Teamotions

Tea Type: Green Tea

Where To Buy: Teamotions

Product Description:

Flavor Profile Refreshing, floral and fruity.

Ingredients Jasmine green tea, jiaogulan, jasmine flowers, cornflowers, natural flavors.

Emotional Benefit Restores inner strength and self-confidence.

Did You Know? Green tea is a natural anti-depressant and is mildly stimulating to the body and mind. Jasmine flower calms and centers the body, mind and soul, fosters confidence, and opens up emotional pathways. Jiaogulan increases strength, stamina and vitality in the body, boosts immunity and balances all body systems.

Our Little Tip As you sip, think of something kind you could do for someone else and do it. Empower yourself by serving others

What is Jiaogulan?
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Tasters Review:

Find Strength – Passionfruit Jasmine Green Tea – from Teamotions – has the BEST Passionfruit Aroma in a tea I have ever smelled!
The jasmine is mellow and I LOVE that about it as I’m not a Jasmine Flavored Fanatic like some people are.  I have an appreciation for it, sure, but I usually don’t go choosing teas just for their Jasmine content.

The Green Tea and the Passionfruit are the highlights here!

It has a nice surprisingly smooth finish which was unexpected yet enjoyed very much!  This tea is dandy!