Puerh from Pinky Out. . .

The further I delve into the world of tea the more I am astounded by its depth. Behind every tea, every brand, dear I say even every leaf, lies a story.While on a recent cruise I read The Tea Girl Of Hummingbird Lane. This book is not only well written but also truly enlightening on tea. More specifically though on Pu Er; which of course is what this tea is.

Complex is understatement. And Pu Er is only a sub category of Dark tea! I have to admit I wasn’t really a fan of pu er but perhaps that is only because I tasted a fake or something to the same accord. Though I don’t mind this one. I honestly do not smell anything from the dry leaves. One who has looked at plenty of leaves can tell this is different then black tea but the differences between ripe, aged, raw are something I … have no idea. There is a mild smell in the wet leaves. Something I can’t quite define, something of the earth. The liquid is quite a bit darker then I was expecting. Some say it tastes like dirt but then I wonder what type of dirt these people are chewing on. It has a bit of a heavier body in my opinion complete with some unique earthy flavors.

Part of me wonders where this one was harvested. The general public would say, “China of course!” But those who love tea know there is more to it then that.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Pu Erh
Where to Buy: Pinky Out

Pu-erh is said to have originated during the Eastern Han Dynasty in the Yunnan Province.

Pu-erh was traded heavily along what was known as “The Ancient Tea Route” or “Tea Horse Road”. Around a thousand years ago Yunnan, one of the first tea producing regions traded Pu-Erh along the route. The tea traveled a long road by horse, mule, and even person. Pu-Erh made an excellent tea for this sort of travel, as it did not spoil easily during the long trips. In fact it was found that Pu-Erh actually improved with time boasting yet another advantage for the Yunnanese.

Sourced from China no matter how far our Pu-Erh has to travel before it makes it to your cup, you can be sure it will still boast the same authentic flavor and health benefits sought after during the time of The Ancient Tea Route.

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Matcha from Pinky Out. . . .

Matcha really is my best friend. I stick to one company and drink their Ceremonial Matcha every morning, via a milk latte with agave syrup. When I saw Pinky Out’s matcha in my sample box I was hesitant

. I’m one of those people that when I find something that I love I stick to it and I don’t really venture away…but I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to give this stuff a try.

It was definitely different than traditional Ceremonial Matcha. Ceremonial grade is more vegetal and perhaps even a little less sweet than this stuff, but still very smooth. Pinky Out’s matcha was much sweeter generally and almost a little bit more “fluffy”. That is the best way I can describe it. It almost tasted flavored, like vanilla matcha maybe.

It was smooth and sweet, not so much vegetable-y. Which was a nice change from my usual. I definitely enjoyed this and if you are looking for a matcha that is on the different side, give Pinky Out’s powder a dry. I definitely will be enjoying the rest of my sample and possibly even buying more. Sometimes it’s good to switch it up!

A change of pace can always keep things interesting, right?

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Matcha
Where to Buy:  Pinky Out

Created during the 12th century by Zen Buddhists in China, Matcha began as a ritual drink known to boast therapeutic benefits. The legendary Shogun warriors would partake in the ceremony of Matcha prior to going into battle to have an edge over their opponents.

As Matcha began to lose traction in China, Buddhist Monk and visionary Eisai brought the tradition of not only Matcha but tea drinking as a whole to Japan. It has since flourished and became a staple of Japanese culture.

Today, Matcha is highly sought after for the same reasons that Eisai realized. Pinky Out sources it’s Matcha powder from Japan to bring you the most authentic Matcha experience possible.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea Powder from Japan

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Highly Recommended. . .English Breakfast from Pinky Out Tea


My hubby asked me the other day if we had any English Breakfast and I just gave him that look of. . “Sweetie, I’m a tea blogger. . Remember?”

So I took the hint and brewed up a small pot of English Breakfast from Pinky Out Tea, which was a mistake. I should have grabbed the larger tea pot!

The tea is robust and gentle all at the same time. This isn’t one of those smack you in the face English Breakfast blends but more of a gentle wave that provides flavor throughout the cuppa.

The first sip gives you that familiar flavor that is satisfying and yet you still just can’t get enough. Rich malty tones without any bitter notes attacking you as the tea cools. Just a solid black tea  flavor that keeps giving sip after sip.

Really well balanced and exactly what I needed today.

Pinky Out Tea is newer to the SororiTea Sisters but one that is incredibly welcome to visit whenever they like.  Pinky Out Tea was founded on the idea of bring simplicity to our tea cups. Sure I love and adore my flavored and crazy tea flavors, but sometimes a good cup of English Breakfast or a simple green tea. . .there isn’t anything better.

**Edit : Pinky Out Tea reached out and informed us their English Breakfast is also their Organic Black. We’ve updated the information below for a reference. **


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black Tea
Where to Buy: Pinky Out

Black Tea came into existence completely by accident. During the mid 17th century an army passing through the Fujian province decided to stop for shelter at a tea factory. Their stay held up production forcing the factory to keep the tea leaves in the sun much longer than usual. The end result after smoking the leaves was Lapsang Souchong, one of the first black teas. Since then, the process has been perfected and tweaked for different flavor and aromatic characteristics.

Our black tea was no accident. Sourced from Sri Lanka our black tea boasts robust flavor with hints of citrus making it a great choice for a morning pick me up or an afternoon delight!

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea from

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