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Photo Credit: BOHTea

The fun thing about tea is that there are so many different varieties from all over the world. I have had tea from Zimbabwe, tea from China, tea from Israel, tea from the UK, tea from Sri Lanka and the list keeps going. Today I get to add to that list with a tea from Malaysia, BOH Tea’s Bukit Cheeding No. 53, a full-flavored Broken Orange Pekoe breakfast tea.

I have never been one for breakfast teas. I like the more smooth and sweet dessert teas as opposed to the robust breakfast ones. This tea is certainly in the latter category. In fact, it’s description highlights the robustness of this tea when it says “Its strong, brisk character stimulates the mind making it a perfect start to the day”. This is not a tea I would have picked for myself but my SororiTea Sisters were kind enough to send me a sample so the least I could do is give it a try.

My first sip really woke me up. When they say strong, robust, brisk, etc., they mean it. It’s certainly an orange pekoe with its sharp citrus zest flavor atop a drying and slightly astringent base. Normally I like my teas plain but I took BOH’s advice and added just a splash of milk. They also suggest adding sugar but I think that might take me too far outside my comfort zone.

The milk helps with the drying aspect of the tea. It’s creamy and has a nice citrus flavor, albeit more pithy than bright. It is still brisk.

This truly is a morning tea and for those who enjoy a great breakfast blend, this could be a nice one to try, especially if you’re a milk and sugar type of person since this tea can hold up to all additives.

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy:  BOH Tea


Robust and full bodied. Strong and brisk for breakfast.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Midnight Black from Love Some Tea (LST). . . .

Do YOU have trouble sleeping if there aren’t the appropriate number of pillows around you, at the right fluffiness, in the right configuration? If you said YES, then I have a MORNING CAFFEINE SOLUTION FOR YOU:

Black Midnight by Love Some Tea!

This is a well-rounded no-nonsense straight black that has notes of wood and raisin and malt. It comes in beautiful long twists that feel like something a witch would pluck and drink while waiting for her eye of newt to cure.

And the caffeine! Ah! The caffeine! If you were that witch, up all night plotting where to put your hex symbols on the floor, this would perk you right back up. Your pointy hat would stand right on end.

I have taken the witch analogy too far. I now declare it over.

Anyway, there’s something to be said for a sturdy, all-business, get-it-done kick-in-the-pants brew. And this is just the thing.

Onwards and upwards, my darlings. It’s time to start the day.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  Love Some Tea

A tea as dark and flavorful as midnight itself. Our black tea is wild picked and fermented to a beautifully dark complexion with robust an bold flavor.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!