Float My Boat from White August Tea Company

Tea Type: Rooibos Tea

Where To Buy:
White August Tea Company

Product Description:

For the free spirited woman on-the-go, these teas we designed with our founders alter ego in mind, and packaged in a stylish tin with T-sacs.

Red, white and blue, oh how I love you. Hats off to our all American blend of Pomegranates, coconuts, blueberries and yummy rooibos. No caffeine so you can lull yourself to sleep with the ocean waves. 60g Tin.

Tasters Review:

“What Ever Floats Your Boat” has always been one of my favorite cliches so when I saw the name of this Rooibos I HAD to try it!  Then when I saw the “Free Spirited Woman On The Go” description I knew it was for me!  “But Wait!  There’s More!”  THEN when I saw the ingredients I was delighted and REALLY couldn’t wait to try it!  It sounded so plump and juicy and mouth-watering!

When I opened the pouch it not only lived up to the aroma – it lived up to the name!

This is quite aromatic!

It’s a very colorful dry mix!

Post infusion – the coconut gives it a slight oily texture on the top but the actual color of the tisane is a vibrant toned down brown-orange…very nice!

It has a nice strong Rooibos flavor but the blueberry and pom join hands in harmony and the coconut flavor does give it a semi-tropical yet milky-smooth flavor, too!

This is another good one from White August Tea Company and a very tasty flavored rooibos!

Creme Brulee from Tea Oh

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy: Tea Oh

Product Description:

A sweet symphony of toffee and caramel flavours make this a nice after dinner treat.

Tasters Review:

Years ago I had a candle business on the side.  By that I mean I resold candles…I didn’t make or blend them myself but I was constantly smelling candles looking for the most powerful aroma with closest possible “smell-match” to the description.  This was one of those flavors that was hard to match – at least in candles, that is.  I was able to find all sorts of Creme Brulee Scented Candles but they all smelled different…completely different!  I ended up finding a local crafter nearby that got the smell “Right On”.  That’s what the aroma of this flavored Rooibos reminded me of…that perfectly scented Creme Brulee Candle I found years ago!

Since then I have moved on to other things and no longer sell candles but one thing that stuck with me was smelling everything!  And I mean EVERYTHING!  My mother laughs at me because if we go to the market I smell the fresh made bread…I still smell candles when I come across them…I smell ALL my teas (that’s why I almost always include the aroma of them in my reviews)…and now that we are selling another line of natural foods – I have been smelling everything that is available in our catalog!

Having said all that…the aroma of this Creme Brulee from Tea Oh is amazing!  It’s Creme Brulee to the fullest extent!

The taste is a little lighter than I thought it would be…more subtle.  It’s like this…you have your Rooibos and then you have your flavoring…so…in short, it’s a good flavored rooibos but you can still taste the rooibos.

I really did enjoy my cuppa but the aroma was what got me with this one!  And it sure did stir up some memories!  Thanks Tea Oh!  Nicely Done!

Country Red from Pluff Iced Tea

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy: Pluff Iced Tea

Product Description:

Country Red Gift Size- Case $19.50
12 tea packages, Brews 24 Quarts

$5.99 flat rate shipping
Free shipping $50 Order

Ingredients: Pure Red Tea (South African Red Tea)
Batch Notes: Caffeine Free. Smooth and aromatic, with a lightly citric sweetness and rich character. Blends well with light sugar for the ultimate red iced tea. Geography: Harvested from the rugged Western Cape Province- windswept and mountainous, a diverse land that
produces the world’s finest red tea. South Africa.

Tasters Review:

I have been pondering this review for quite some time.  I wasn’t sure which direction to go with it…I still don’t so I will just start typing, I guess.

First, I want to say that when I received the package from Pluff Iced Tea I was VERY impressed with the presentation because they wrapped a bunch of Iced Tea Samplers in see-thru plastic and tied it with twine.  Also in this package was a long handled wooden spoon that I plan on reviewing separately down the road!  It was very ‘homey’ and reminded me of sitting on the front porch in a rocking chair sipping on iced tea.  And that’s just the feeling I got when I opened my box!

I made two quarts of this by adding 1/3 C of sugar.  Normally I wouldn’t add anything to my tea – even iced teas – but since this is a Country Red Tea and many of my southern friends tell me how much they LOVE their sweet tea with ‘the more sugar the better’ I figured I would try it with more sugar – just to live life on the wild side!  One of the suggestions or tips from Pluff Tea was to “sweeten up to 1/3 C, sweeten to taste”.  Again, I wanted to try this sweeter right from the start!  I did sneak 2 sips prior to adding the sugar and thought it was sweet as-is with no additional sugar yet added.  I believe this to be tasty with or without sugar!

If you are into sweet tea and even sweeter rooibos you would probably LOVE this.  I must admit it really surprised me at how sweet it was but after my taste buds got used to the sweetness I really enjoyed it especially with meals – mostly my dinners!

At first sip – it reminded me of a bottle of sweetened iced tea that you would buy at the store, again, mostly because of all of the sugar I added.  But with an extra something and that something was a great tasting rooibos.  It’s not every day I find a good quality iced rooibos tea but this is certainly IT.  It’s what makes it stand above the rest!

Before adding the sugar it smelled like a very strong plain rooibos…very pleasant.  After adding the sugar it smelled of Rooibos and sugar!

This was pretty good and I am VERY glad I got to try it!  I must say I haven’t found an offering quite like this from any other company and that in itself scores extra points with me!  I mean…a good ole sweet tea made of rooibos in a bag that is easy to make at home or on the run…SCORE!!!!  And it’s very versatile and easy to reach various levels of sweetness without losing the tasty quality of the Rooibos!  If you have the chance to try this…please do!