Mountain Roasted Green Tea from Shan Valley #Vegan MoFo 2016

We have a LOT going on TODAY at Sororitea Sisters…Mountain Roasted Green Tea from Shan Valley is one of them and the other thing is that we will be participating in this years Vegan MoFo!  If you aren’t familiar with Vegan MoFo they have a WONDERFUL WEBSITE explaining more.  If you ARE familiar with the annual vegan bloggers push WELCOME!  Of course the Sororitea Sisters TWIST on Vegan MoFo will be featuring Vegan Teas at least once a day throughout the month of November!

Today’s VeganMoFo Prompt is “What’s your favorite food” – well – here at SororiTea Sisters – TEA is a MAJOR Food Group!  We have vegan, vegetarian, and non-veg bloggers in our SororiTEA.  But regardless of each of our preferred diets and food intake we KNOW there are a LOT Of vegetarian and vegan TEA FREAKS out there and that’s why we thought this match-up was a perfect fit!

mountain_largeMountain Roasted Green Tea from Shan Valley is our highlighted tea of the day!  This roasted green tea is really something special with it’s long and winding grey-green colored leaves.  The dry leaves smell so fresh and vegetal.  Once infused the color of the tea water is that of a paler brown with orange hue.

The aroma and flavor of Mountain Roasted Green Tea from Shan Valley is fresh, fragrant, roasted, vegetal, and woodsy.  It’s like NATURE in a cup!  The more you let this tea cool at room temperature the more the sweeter woodsy and sweeter floral notes come out to play!

When it comes to favorite foods – in our case beverages – the Sororitea Sisters vote for making and sharing TEA with friends and family – and even strangers!  Mountain Roasted Green Tea from Shan Valley is an interesting green tea to do that with – that’s for sure!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea
Where to Buy: Shan Valley


Mountain Roasted tea is our premium tea harvested year round and roasted to perfection.  It has a nice roasted taste and smell blended in with the more subtle fresh flavor of the tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Shan Black Tea from Shan Valley

Kyaukme_Black-1_088da68b-9b9c-41b8-9681-2439e5128512_largeTea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Shan Valley

Product Description:
This is a first flush black tea, and is processed as is local tradition in Myanmar, the tea leaves are a little more uneven and have a balanced flavor. This tea is similar to the Kyaukme Black Tea.   We get our green tea directly from local tea growers in Myanmar (Burma), which include family and farmers, we do not import anything from other companies!

Tasters Review:
Shan Black Tea from Shan Valley quickly became one of those go-to teas to kick start my mornings!  After my initial first taste it was easy for me to do follow-up cups without having to put too much thought into it.  Therefore, I think it was a good ole stand-by.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying this to ‘cheapen’ this tea.  It’s a very good solid black tea.  It’s straight-forward and transparent in a sense that it has nothing to hide.  I like that.

To try and give you a ‘visual’ of my experience…after steeping or infusing the tea for about 3 minutes the post-infusion color in the cup was a VERY dark brown nearing black.  The aroma was a medium- strength black tea with no flavorings or hints at other natural scents.  It wasn’t flowery, it wasn’t really malty per say, and it wasn’t what I consider cakey or bready.  All I DO know is that I really enjoyed the cuppa.  If anything it was more woodsy, I suppose.  But not overly-so.  It was pretty smooth.  And it was even thirst-quenching for a bold black tea base…yet another thing I appreciated about this tea.  Give it a try!

Shan Black Tea (2014) from Shan Valley

Black_TeaTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Shan Valley

Tea Description:

This is a first flush black tea, and is processed as is local tradition in Myanmar, the tea leaves are a little more uneven and have a balanced flavor. This tea is similar to the Kyaukme Black Tea.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Similar to the Kyaukme Black Tea from Shan Valley that I reviewed previously (as well as their 2013 Shan Black Tea), this black tea leaf has a very fine grind to the leaf that resembles a finely ground coffee bean.  But as I said with the Kyaukme Black Tea, I will say with this tea, don’ t let the fine chop on these leaves dissuade you from trying it.  It really is a splendid tea!

I recall the Kyaukme Black tea having an aroma to the dry leaf that reminded me very much of coffee.  I don’t experience that scent with this tea.  This smells a little more earthy.  There are notes of leather and fruit and even the slightest floral note to this.  This smells much more like black tea than coffee.

To brew this CTC tea, I used my Breville One Touch and measured 1 1/2 bamboo scoops into the basket of the tea maker.  Then I poured 500ml of freshly filtered water into the kettle and set the timer for 2 1/2 minutes and the temperature for 212°F and let the tea maker get to work!

I would recommend that you experiment with this tea (or any other tea that has a fine CTC cut to it) to find what time works best for your palate.  2 1/2 minutes is cutting it pretty close for me, but I really wanted some edge to the cup when I brewed this tea.  I am addicted to caffeine, you see, and I was experiencing a withdrawal headache.

Anyway, if you find that a CTC tea is too bitter for your liking when you’ve brewed it, try reducing the brew time by 30 seconds or 1 minute.  You may find that you love that CTC!  Sure, whole leaf is awesome … but just because the chop is fine on a tea doesn’t mean that it’s anything like that horrible dust and fannings that you’ll find in those tea bags from the grocery store.

The tea brews to a dark brown, almost black color.  It brews so dark that it almost looks like a cup of black coffee.  The aroma is rich and sweet with notes of molasses and hints of earth and leather.  The fragrance here is much softer than that of the dry leaf, and I’m experiencing none of the aforementioned fruit or floral notes in the aroma.

But that’s OK because really, when it comes right down to it, it’s the flavor that counts and the flavor here is so rewarding.  It’s a rich, robust cup of tea that has the vigor to get you going.  This would make a really good breakfast tea and would take the additions of milk and honey quite well if you like to add those to your breakfast cuppa.

This is a very flavorful cup.  It isn’t bitter but I suspect that if I had brewed it for another 30 seconds it would be.  It’s right at that edge that I was looking for to deliver me a cup full of gusto but not so much that I can’t enjoy it.  I AM enjoying this!  Immensely!

It has a deep flavor to it.  As I mentioned before, the aroma of the dry leaf is earthy with notes of leather and I do taste subtle notes of both earth and leather here, but they are much more subtle than the aroma suggests.  Malt!  A malty note that would rival your favorite Assam!  I taste a deep molasses-y sort of flavor, like caramel that has been made from molasses (if there is such a thing.)  I can taste a “burnt sugar” sort of flavor.

Last year’s Black Tea from Shan Valley had a very prominent cacao sort of flavor and I’m not experiencing that quite as much with this tea.  I’m also experiencing less of a roasted sort of flavor.  I still taste these notes, but they are less obvious to me than the malt and burnt-sugar/molasses notes that I mentioned before.  There is a fair amount of astringency, I would classify it as medium astringency.  As I continue to sip, I start to notice a sort of bake-y type of flavor that is reminiscent of freshly baked bread and I’m picking up on notes that are somewhat fruit like, hinting at notes of black currant, grapes, and plums.

I find that this flush is a little bit different from last year’s tea, and that’s why you want to try each flush, to experience all the flavors that each flush offers!  This one is much more rugged than last year’s Shan Black, but both are really wonderful teas and well worth experiencing!

2014 Shan First Flush Green Tea from Shan Valley

ShanFirstFlushTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Shan Valley

Tea Description:

This tea is considered to be the freshest and most sought after tea.  Shan First Flush Reserve tea is the first harvest in the year and only occurs once a year, usually in early April.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Oh, this tea is AWESOME!  I have really enjoyed the first flush teas that Shan Valley has offered this year.  They’ve been really lovely, and this tea is certainly no exception to that statement.  This is really a delightful green tea.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to try last year’s First Flush Green Tea from Shan Valley, so I wasn’t sure how this year’s first flush would differ from last year’s.  The dry leaf looks very much the same, dark in color (it almost looks like a black tea or a dark Oolong), but the color liquid these dark leaves produce is a pale greenish-amber color.  The aroma of the liquor is fresh and vegetal.

Right off the bat, I can tell you that I find the flavor of this tea to be more forward than last year’s first flush.  That is to say, I’m tasting a stronger flavor to the tea.  It still has it’s delicate nuances, but I taste more of the sweet, vibrant flavors than I remember tasting in last year’s first flush green.

It is lush and vegetative, reminding me of mild steamed vegetables.  And yes, I’m picking up on that bright citrus-y note that I tasted with last year’s tea.  I’m also getting a slight creaminess from this cup which I don’t recall experiencing from last year’s tea.  Imagine a creamed spinach but with maybe half of the “cream” eliminated from the dish and replaced with a squeeze of fresh lemon.  I get some cream, I get some lemon-ish notes and I’m getting that really fresh, exhilarating “green” taste. It’s a really invigorating and refreshing tea!

While I generally prefer most teas hot – and this tea is no exception to that – I really enjoyed this one chilled too.  After I finished my cup of this tea, I decided to resteep the leaves and take a sip, and I found that while the creamy tones were lighter in the second resteep, the flavors were still abundant in that second cup of tea.  Then I decided to go ahead and chill the rest of the pot, and I brewed a little more to make a half gallon pitcher full of green tea goodness, courtesy of the Shan Valley.  And it was so cool and absolutely lovely to drink on these hot summer days we’ve been experiencing.

Shan Valley has some amazing teas to offer – I highly recommend them to any tea lover!  This tea company offers a new and exciting tea journey!

Kokang Green Tea from Shan Valley

Kokang_GreenTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Shan Valley

Tea Description:

This first flush green tea is from the Kokang region of Myanmar, close to the Yunan region in china. This is considered the highest quality tea that is available to the public in Myanmar.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This tea is interesting because it really seems like two different teas:  when it is served hot, I get a different set of flavors than as it cools.  Both are really delicious, though!

When served hot, I get a fresh and exhilarating flavor that is rich and brothy without tasting overly vegetal.  In fact, there are very little distinct vegetative flavor to this green tea and I found that quite surprising.

There is a lovely buttery note to this – not so much a creamy, sweet butter flavor but more like a browned butter.  I’m picking up on a slightly smoky note to this as well as distant notes of flower and a nice fruit note that is like a hybrid fruit of melon, sweet green grapes and a hint of citrus that is particularly noticeable toward the finish.

The hot cup is a beautifully sweet tasting tea with notes of savory and smoke.  As the cup cools, I notice the flavors changing a bit.  I still get a pleasantly sweet cuppa, but, the aforementioned buttery note becomes more creamy now and less like a brown butter.

This is sweet and creamy!  Mmm!  I still taste those notes of fruit and flower, and I’m not tasting quite as much of a smoky element as I noticed with the hot tea.  It’s still very subtly there in the distance.  The fruit notes seem more pronounced now, and I’m tasting primarily fruit and cream with the cooled tea.

A really WONDERFUL tea – I’ve been so impressed with the 2014 teas from Shan Valley!