Cherry Marzipan from Tea Forté

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green & Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Tea Forté

Product Description:

Special reserve green tea with the tart-sweet lushness of acerola cherries and the depth of nutty toasted almond.

SKIN SMART ECO TEABAGS CONTAIN:  organic green tea, Fair Trade Certified™ organic green tea, organic rooibos, natural cherry flavor, organic raspberry leaves, natural almond flavor, natural flavoring (berry), organic acerola cherry extract, (organic acerola, organic maltodextrin)

Taster’s Review:

This smells incredible.  The aroma of cherry and almond is teasing my olfactory nerves, tantalizing me to take a sip.  Well, of course, I’m going to give in.  I’m never one to resist such temptation!

Very tasty, indeed.  The cherry is lightly tart, which is particularly noticeable at in the aftertaste.  There is also a fresh, fruity sweetness to the cherry flavor, and it melds beautifully with the toasty, sweet nutty flavor of the almond.

But what I think makes me happiest about this tea is that I can taste the tea.  It tastes fresh.  It has a crisp vegetative taste to it, and no bitterness.  The rooibos is not a strong flavor to this cup, but it seems to accent the nutty flavor of the almond and the sweetness of the overall cup. The addition of the berry flavor and raspberry leaves help round out the flavor, enhancing the tart notes and solidifying the fruit flavor.

This is the first of the teas that I’ve tried from the new Skin-Smart line from Tea Forté, and I have to say that I like what I’m tasting.  If judging by taste alone, I would say that this tea represents the way I want my skin to look:  fresh and vibrant!

Skin from Byron Bay Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  Byron Bay Tea Company

Company Description:

Beauty begins on the inside, which makes our SKIN tea the perfect primer. The zesty blend of Lemongrass and Ginger is complemented by a purifying punch of Peppermint. So for a naturally healthy glow, and to sustain your internal vigor, sip BBTC SKIN.

Taster’s Review:

OK, I admit it.  Herbal blends scare me.  Just a little bit.  They do!

That’s because even with the finest ingredients, herbal tisanes can go wrong.  They can taste medicine-y.  Or they can just have some funky off-putting taste.  So, needless to say, I was scared to try this blend from Byron Bay Tea Company.

But, this tastes really terrific!  If this is a skin regime, count me in!  I would be happy to drink this on a daily basis.

This doesn’t taste medicine-y or otherwise off-putting.  The peppermint is strong, but not overpowering… and interestingly enough, this tisane doesn’t come off as “minty” exactly, although it does have a crisp and clean mint aftertaste.

I am also enjoying the way the ginger and lemongrass work together in this blend.  The ginger offers just a hint of peppery flavor, while the sweet citrus-y tones of the lemongrass cancel out some of the spicier notes of the ginger. There is also a nice peppery accent in the finish that I find rather enjoyable.

But, I think my favorite part of this blend is the very subtle taste of rose.  It is a nice touch.  It is so soft and sweet.  Very nice, indeed.

None of the flavors here are overwhelming… instead, they are very harmonious with one another.  It has a pleasant, well-rounded taste.  It is a very soothing, relaxing cup – especially nice at the end of the day!