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1st Place Tea: Snowflake from Aromatica Fine Teas

Depending on where you live, you may have seen some snowflakes flying on the air this time of year, which would be the perfect time to brew up a cup of Snowflake tea from Aromatica Fine Teas.

This is an award-winning blend, taking 1st place in the North American Tea Championships in 2011.  Thinking about tea championships puts some silly images in my head, like some kind of tea Olympics, with little packs of tea on a snowy downhill ski slope.  Anyway, the story is getting away from me.

Like beautiful, white, creamy snowdrifts, this black tea is blanketed with extra vanilla and creamy flavors.  This tea is somewhere between a breakfast blend and a dessert blend, so that means it can be brewed up just about any time of day.  In addition to the vanilla, there are coconut flakes, which add their usual creamy, buttery taste. Luckily there’s not too much coconut, and this moderation keeps the brew from getting too oily.

What really sets this blend apart are the real slivers of almond.  These stylish blonde slivers go beyond the typical marzipan flavoring, and add real, sweet, nuttiness from actual nuts as ingredients.  With smooth almond and lush coconut shavings, this tea taste a bit more like a coconut cookie than a simple coconut cream tea.

Overall, Snowflake is a really solid vanilla tea blend, super drinkable and smooth.  I drank it black, but it would amazing as a latte or made hot-cocoa-style, topped with marshmallows.  The blend isn’t too sweet, nor too plain.

I know coconut is traditionally a tropical flavor, but with a name like Snowflake, this can be your next favorite winter brew.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Aromatica Fine Teas

A fabulous almond coconut tea. Brew it in steamed milk for a Tropical Fog. Ceylon and China black tea, coconut rasps, flavour, almond flakes.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Snowflake from Aromatica Fine Teas

Snowflake from Aromatica Fine Teas is a 1st Place Winner of the North American Tea Championships 2011 and contains black tea, coconut flakes, and almond bits and smells delicious!

Snowflake from Aromatica Fine Teas is one of the companies best sellers and I can see why! The black tea base is a heftier strength and brews to a reddish brown color while the aroma is heavy on the coconut followed by a good deal of almond.

There are sweet, creamy, nutty, and dark cocoa-type black tea flavors that swirl around as you sip this Snowflake from Aromatica Fine Teas. If you like coconut you will most likely enjoy this flavored black tea. The slivers of coconut are really potent and tasty and so is this tea! Yum! Double Yum, even!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Aromatica Fine Teas


North American Tea Championship: 1st place – Flavored Black Tea category – 2011 Fall – Hot Teas Division.

A fabulous almond coconut tea.  Brew it in steamed milk for a Tropical Fog.  Ceylon and China black tea, coconut rasps, flavour, almond flakes.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Snowflake Gyokuro Green Tea from 52Teas

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Snowflake-GyokuroTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy: Zoomdweebies

Tea Description:

For our first Fifth Monday blend since we changed our subscription plans, we’ve created a delicately flavored Gyokuro. Gyokuro (or “jade dew”) is one of the highest quality Japanese green teas available. It is grown in the shade for approximately three weeks before harvesting, resulting in a richer, sweeter cup that is unparalleled in flavor. We have given this sacred tea a healthy dose of organic marshmallow root, a little peppermint and spearmint and organic marshmallow, peppermint and spearmint flavors and named our happy creation “Snowflake Gyokuro”. 

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

On Steepster, the tasters of this tea are comparing it to Graveyard Mist and I get that comparison.  The base tea was different – this is a Japanese Gyokuro and  the Graveyard Mist was made with a blend of Chinese Sencha and Yun Wu, but this one is less buttery, I think.

The buttery notes of the Chinese green teas gave the Graveyard Mist a creamier sort of flavor that melded quite nicely with the fluffy marshmallow flavors.

Here, the Gyokuro tastes fresher and cleaner, which melds better with the minty notes of the spearmint and peppermint.  So this tastes and feels cleaner and crisper.

And the natural sweetness of the Gyokuro plays with the minty notes in a different way, offering a really pleasant sweetness to go along with that crisp, exhilarating flavor.  The sweetness of the Gyokuro also brings out the marshmallow in a different way than the Graveyard Mist did.  The marshmallow here tastes sweet but not quite as creamy.  It’s still creamy – just not quite as creamy as I remember the Graveyard Mist tasting.

By the way, one of the first reblends that we’re going to be creating when we take over 52Teas will be the Graveyard Mist!

The best part about this tea?  The second and third infusions!  Yeah!  The flavors really come alive for the second infusion – so much so that I finished the cup in record time.  The third cup is almost as lovely as the second – the minty notes are soft and fluffy from the marshmallow.  The Gyokuro is sweet and melds beautifully with the flavors.

Anyway – this is a really lovely tea.  I know that some will think that Gyokuro should not be flavored.  I don’t know that I’d have the guts to do it myself.  It would have to be on day when I’m feeling extra courageous.

But I applaud Frank for having the guts to do it because I really quite enjoyed this.  Did I enjoy it as much as I would have enjoyed a straight up cup of Gyokuro?  I don’t know.  I don’t know that this tea was actually improved by being flavored, but I don’t think that it destroyed the Gyokuro, either.  I enjoyed it flavored and I’d happily drink it again.  Just as I’d happily drink a straight up Gyokuro again.  Both are remarkable in their own way … so, I say, why not?

Snowflake from Georgia Tea Company

Snowflake from Georgia Tea Company
Snowflake from Georgia Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:

Where to Buy: Georgia Tea Company 

Tea Description:

An excellent black tea with coconut, almond and vanilla flavoring. A Christmas favorite. Great with sugar and cream!

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

Like a lot of tea drinkers I go through stages in what type of tea I crave. Lately I have been feeling put off by flavored teas, just wanting to enjoy unadulterated teas. After several failed attempts today at flavored teas I remembered my prized precious stash Georgia Tea Company teas. Snowflake from Georgia Tea Company is one of those flavored teas that I never tire of. As a matter of fact, I could select any of my Georgia Tea Company flavored teas and be in bliss. At this time I only have a few teas from them but I do intend to get more as I dwindle down my existing stash.

Snowflake has the perfect balance of nutty, vanilla, and coconut to give your mouth a buttery feel. It is also perfectly sweet without adding creamer, or sugar, but is also strong enough to support either, or both, if you are so inclined. I have it both ways depending on my mood but when I really want a decedent dessert treat I go with creamer and a little german rock sugar.

I love that Georgia Tea Company teas are heavily scented because not only does it add a lovely dimension to the sipping experience but it makes your home smell warm and welcoming as well. Put out the candles and put away your room spray, just steep some tea! While the tea is heavily scented it is not overly flavored. Georgia Tea Company does not smother their teas in artificial flavorings just to cover a bad base. I rather enjoy this simple yet flavorful black tea base used in this blend. Their green blends are even more amazing!

This tea reminds me of marzipan, or amaretto, actually it reminds me of a few different things but I do love the taste of this blend. I am quite picky when it comes to the use of coconut in teas. Often times the coconut tastes rancid, or stale. Not in this cup! This tastes fresh!

Do take the time to check out Georgia Tea Company’s website and browse through their selection of teas. They have a really cute Mother’s Day gift basket  on sale now with this tea blend included!

Snow Flake Tea from Sands of Thyme

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Sands of Thyme

Product Description:

Ingredients: black tea -Ceylon, -South India, -China, coconut rasps, flavor, almond flakes

Tasters Review:

I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I HATE WINTER.  I don’t like being cold.  I guess that is another reason I love tea…it’s a nice warm-up!  I live in the snow belt and we’ve gotten slammed with snow this week so I thought it was only fitting to post a review about Snow Flake Tea from Sands of Thyme.  Now THIS is a Snow Flake I like!

The Coconut and Almond gives this a neat flavor!  I’ve had a few Snow Flake Blends from other companies before but this one has a mixed drink type taste to it that I am really enjoying!  It also seems to leave a cookie-like aftertaste…this is a treat!

Another winner from Sands of Thyme!