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strong tea

Heritage Hard Water Tea from The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.. . .

Here is an idea that was quite unique to me, though having looked into I see there are other companies doing this as well! This company is blending tea with the water of a specific area in mind, but I suppose that anyone who uses tap water for tea in a hard water area would benefit from buying a special blend like this, especially in an office where it would hard to keep spring water around.

First, this is true British builder’s tea. It is a blend of teas from Assam, India, Kenya, and Rwanda. It is listed as broken orange pekoe and was very fine when I measured it into my strainer. I was worried that a lot of tea dust was going to pass right through the mesh and leave me with bitter tea, but when I lifted the basket to check for dust in the pot, there was none. Hooray!

Since it was so fine, I only steeped for two minutes even though it says you can go as long as three. At two minutes, this is plenty strong enough for me. In fact, it was so dark it was scary! It almost looked thick when I poured it, so I warned my guests that it might be a tad strong. When they sipped, they said they liked it and had no problem with it. Nice!

I did not have to add milk, but it could very easily have handled it. I did not use sugar, but again, if that is how you take your breakfast tea you could easily enjoy it with sugar.

If you live in a hard water area and find that you water is keeping your tea from tasting “up to snuff”, and you are a fan of good, old-fashioned British builder’s tea, here is one for you to try. Tingle to the tongue, boot to the derriere, and out the door with you! Face the day!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black
Where to Buy:  The Kent & Sussex Tea & Coffee Co.

This blend of strong black teas has been mixed for your local tap water. Living in hard water areas can affect the taste of tea and the water, ensuring that you get a proper cup of tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Snowflake Kenyan Earth from Williamson Tea

Snowflake-570x700Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy: Williamson Tea

Tea Description:

Our take on the classic English Breakfast. Kenyan Earth is named after the coppery red soils that symbolize Kenya and this bright, brisk cup of tea. Grown on the high altitude slopes of Kapchorua and picked in the early morning sunshine our Kenyan Earth is an awakening, full bodied liquor that stimulates the body and mind.

Learn more about this tea here. 

Taster’s Review:

Before you read my review. You have to take a look at the tea tin this tea comes in. That tin is gorgeous! Makes me want to place several orders for the tins alone. Not sure what I would do with them but who cares, they are stunning 🙂

Ok, the tea geek out is over and we can move on to the tea itself. Ha!

Williamson Tea is a tea I’ve never tried before. I’ve see and heard other reviews and pictures of their tea before but I just haven’t ever ordered from them. I have a feeling that is soon to change.

This particular Snowflake Kenyan Earth tea that I tried was tea bagged form and I have to say, you could see some pretty huge tea leaves hanging out in each tea pyramid.  The tea itself has a nice sweetened aroma which I found a little difference since this is supposed to be a breakfast tea.  Typically those tend to be a bit more malty and astringent.

Brewed this up with water freshly boiled and allowed the tea to sit a tad too long, totally my bad, multi-tasking failed me! But after what I’m guessing was about a 7 minute steep, I took my first sip.

For being  a tea that I oversteeped, you really couldn’t tell at all! This tea was delicious at all fronts. Malty and rich with a slightly earth flavor here and there.  This is the kind of tea that kicks your taste buds into gear!  So rich and indulging.  The tea was on the point of asking for a touch of cream or milk to really drink it proper.   Towards the end while it cooled and became astringent (drink this one up hot if you don’t like astringent teas), there seemed to be a need for sweetening but wow. What a lovely tea to really give me a change of pace from the flavored teas I have been drinking. I’m not sure where that sweetness was coming from when I first checked the tea out but I have to say, this cuppa was just fantastic.

This is the kind of tea you want to greet you first thing in the morning!