Root Down Tisane from Swallowtail Teas

The colorful label for Root Down Tisane from Swallowtail Tea features a yellow and orange sun on the horizon.  It must be a sunset, as this tea is perfect for after dinner or before bed.

This tisane is driven by licorice root.  I’m a fan of licorice in all its forms, including as a root in herbal teas.  Licorice root is a natural sweetener, adding a bit of spicy anise flavor along with its sugary perk.  Licorice is also a throat soothing herb, so it brings a very smooth mouthfeel and soothing sensation.

Beyond the bold licorice, this blend features some cinnamon warmth and just a ghost of mint and orange peel.  There are also dandelion root and nettle leaf in the blend, but they are more for color and health benefits than taste.  I wish the mint and citrus were just a little bit bolder to add more flavor texture to the brew.

Root Down Tisane would be a great blend for those who are tired of herbal teas having ginger, chamomile, or even rooibos, as none of these ingredients are included.  This blend is all licorice and herbs, and is a nice change of pace for a naturally caffeine free blend at bedtime. I’ll have to save the rest of my tea sample for when I need to set down some roots and snuggle in for the night.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: Swallowtail Tea (Red Rooster Coffee)

This signature tisane was artfully crafted as a warming and supportive infusion. Perfect as an after dinner treat.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Spanish Sunset White Tea Blend from Lemon Lily

Spanish_SunsetTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Lemon Lily

Tea Description:  

While the first tea was floral and earthy, this little blend goes full throttle on the floral. A blend of leaves from raspberries and strawberries with dusting of rose and rosehip, this tea is a natural relaxant. While some may say these herbals all hold some amazing capabilities in the world of natural healing, lowering blood pressure or relieving bloating and cramps, we like it because it’s full of flavour without tasting like a bar of soap. You can actually taste all the subtle notes of each leaf and flower as the sip develops on your taste buds.

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Taster’s Review:

The three teas that were showcased in the eighth edition from Postal Teas all had several things in common.  The first and most obvious is that they were all three from Lemon Lily.  The second (and also pretty obvious) is that they were all white tea blends.  The third is that they are all blends that focus on floral flavors.

They were all unique too:  the Maple Leaf is indulgent and maple-y and Beauty & The Beet has a pleasant earthy tone with the beetroot powder and this blend delights with it’s soft hints of berry.  But all three have strong floral overtures.

I like that while they are very flowery, they don’t taste soapy.  I don’t feel like I’m drinking Aunt Matilda’s perfume.  The flavor of the white tea is delicate but discernible and keeps this cuppa tasting like TEA.

This particular blend focuses more on the rose notes than do the previous two blends from this edition.  But I like that the sharper floral notes are softened with mellow fruit flavors from the strawberry and raspberry leaves.  These components add a soft, sweet fruit note without overwhelming the beautiful floral notes.

And the softness accentuates the lovely floral notes of rose perfectly.  I like that all the flavors seem to unify in a very seamless way, but each note is discernible.  I experience the nuances of each component in the blend.  A sweet, earthy, hay-like note from the white tea.  Mild fruit notes from the strawberry and raspberry leaves.  And of course, the beautifully sweet, soothing flavor of rose.

I steeped this tea in my Kati Tumbler, using 2 bamboo scoops of leaf (again, this is a highly flowery loose leaf blend and I find that a little more leaf is appropriate when steeping it).  I heated 12 ounces of water to 165°F and steeped the tea for 3 1/2 minutes.  And again, I am in agreement with Postal Teas:  you really should allow this tea 10 minutes to cool after steeping.  The flavors really pop after the 10 minutes.

The eighth edition from Postal Teas was a big WIN in my opinion.  Thank you, Postal Teas for putting together this remarkable box of tea joy!

Sunset Pineapple Tisane from Compass Teas


Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos

Where to Buy:  Compass Teas

Tea Description:

This naturally Caffeine Free blend is sure to be a favorite! Amazing hot or iced, it is highly recommended. 

Taster’s Review:

This Sunset Pineapple Tisane from Compass Teas is not currently available on their website, I hope that it is only a case of being temporarily sold-out.  I hope that this is not a tisane that has been discontinued by Compass Teas because this is one of the better pineapple flavored teas/tisanes that I’ve had!

Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits, moreover, it’s one of my favorite juices.  I swear by pineapple juice when I’m feeling under the weather, because I’ve found that it is VERY effective at reducing mucus.  Pineapple has a enzyme that helps break down proteins which is essentially what mucus is.  I really don’t drink a lot of fruit juice except for pineapple … and that’s something that I keep in the pantry at all times for when those “under the weather” times arrive.

The flavor of this green rooibos tisane is sweet and pineapple-y, but what I like is that it isn’t a candy-sweet pineapple taste.  It tastes more like a true pineapple flavor.  The combination of the fruity-tasting green rooibos and the pineapple gives the pineapple flavor a softer, smoother taste.  It isn’t sharp or tarty … it’s sweet without tasting overly sweet.

This is just so easy to drink.  It tastes amazing iced!

Red Sunset from Red Leaf Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Red Leaf Tea

Tea Description:

For those looking for a delicious pick me up during their day, the Red Sunset tea blend is the ideal choice! This rare tea from Europe starts with a premium loose leaf black tea that is bold and loaded with flavor. The sweet taste and floral undertones to this blend are provided by the addition of rose petals, safflower, and natural fruit flavors. The natural sweet flavor combined with a bold taste of black tea makes Red Sunset an excellent choice for the coffee or soda drinker looking for a healthier alternative that still contains caffeine.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

This tea is quite unexpected, in the very best way!

When I first opened the package, I couldn’t help but notice the aroma.  This is extraordinarily fragrant!   Almost overwhelmingly so … to the point that I found myself a bit worried as I brewed it, because I feared that it would come off as a cup of perfume rather than a cup of tea!

That’s not to say that I dislike the fragrance – it’s actually quite lovely.  It is very strongly ROSE but with the fruit essence in there too, it smells not so much like a Rose Congou or other rose teas that I’ve tried … instead, it smells like a fruit salad that has been doused with rose water.  It’s really quite a beautiful scent, although it is very strong … almost to the point of being an olfactory nerve assault.

And while I did worry that this would taste a bit too much like perfume, it doesn’t – not at all!  The rose flavor is definitely there, but when combined with the luscious flavor of fruit and the black tea, it creates a very pleasing flavor that offers a delicious balance of fruit and flower.

Red Leaf Tea does not elaborate on the fruit flavor that is used in this blend, and because of the strong essence of rose it is difficult to discern exactly what fruit flavor I’m tasting … one minute, it tastes a bit like peach, and then another minute, I could swear I’m tasting a sweet citrus.  It sometimes tastes a bit like mango, too.  It’s a difficult fruit note to pin-point, but I kind of like the mystery of it, because it allows my palate to explore a lot of different possibilities.

A really tasty surprise, this Red Sunset Tea!  I’ve enjoyed it immensely!

Sunset in Seattle from MarketSpice

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy:  MarketSpice

Product Description:

One of our sweetest and most popular herbal teas, Sunset in Seattle is a blend utilizing a myriad of herbs that are soothing and mellow. Ingredients: Rosehips, Vanilla, Chamomile, Spearmint, Raspberry, Lemon Grass, Hyssop and herbs. Contains no sugar and is caffeine free.

Taster’s Review:

Have you ever gotten a tea, and just put off trying it because you were uncertain of it?  And when you finally get around to trying it, you love it and can’t help but wonder what took you so long to actually try it?  Well, I am there now with this tea.  I’ve had this tea for a little while now, but never tried it until tonight. And now that I’m trying it, I am kicking myself for not having tried it sooner!  I am really enjoying it!

I guess it’s that herbal thing again.  I am hesitant to try herbal teas because I worry that they’re going to taste… well, herbal-y.  You know… medicinal.  But, while this does have a herbaceous taste to it, I wouldn’t call it a medicinal-tasting tea.

This delicious blend of herbs has a very strong vanilla essence.  The vanilla is creamy and sweet, while the other ingredients help to build a mild background.  The spearmint is not strong, but the flavor is melding nicely with the vanilla tones.  The raspberry provides a light, tangy berry taste in the background, while the lemongrass offers a hint of citrus-y undertones.

This is one of the nicest herbal teas that I’ve come across in a long time.  It is a very soothing, calming tea… you don’t have to be here in the Pacific Northwest to enjoy a taste of our beautiful sunsets!  All you need is a cup of this relaxing tisane.