Elevating Your Tea Game: Halloween Cozies from Linda’s Passion

Drinking tea is only half of the fun. Having a really unique tea accessory or mug is the other part of the tea drinking process. I can’t explain it but having the right mug in hand with a relaxing freshly steeped brew just really puts you in the right frame of mind.

halloweenteacozy2That is exactly how I feel about my amazing Halloween Tea Pot Cozy from Linda’s Passion, an Etsy shop.  I mean just look at how great my tea pot looks!

This particular tea pot cozy has wonderfully spooky fabric that is made to look like the outside of a haunted house, perfect for Halloween. Pack full of ghosts and spiders, this cozy really brings about that holiday feel to any tea party or just for yourself!

I’ve used this cozy so many times since receiving it and I have to say, I really enjoy having this additional accessory. Handmade, this cozy gives your tea pot that extra barrier to help keep your tea warm. It used to be that I would rarely make giant pots of tea by myself, but with this new cozy, I’ve found myself doing just that more and more. I just love it and will use it all year round, not just during October. I’m sort of a horror geek, so this fits perfectly.

Each cozy is lined with fleece-helping keep the tea or water warm for about an hour. I have to say this is pretty spot on.  All you do is basically just slip the cozy onto the tea pot and tighten the cording. That is it. Super easy to put on. I don’t own  a lot of larger tea pots and the one I do own is a funny shape. As you can see in the picture above, the cozy fits just fine on mine!

Linda’s Passion offers so many awesome Halloween designs, I mean just look! I’ve got my eye on a few of these. . .

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Each handmade cozy comes with 4 adorable fabric coasters, which I find myself grabbing all the time. I’m always spilling a drip  here and there and its nice that I have these handy.    So many great cozies! I just need to buy more teapots to fit these adorable cozies!

Be sure to check out Linda’s Passion Etsy Shop. It’s full of these wonderful cozies and for all different seasons and designs. Like I said earlier, I’ve got my eye on several of them! Perfect for that gift giving season that is just around the corner.

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy: Linda’s Passion


Tea cozies are a must have for tea lovers and have been a staple accessory for generations. They are a perfect addition to any setting such as:
– Afternoon Tea with friends
– Baby Showers
– Bridal Showers
– Business events
– Holidays
– Tea parties
– Wedding Receptions

This beautiful hand-crafted tea cozy will fit 6, or 8 cup Tea Pots. My tea cozy is made with two coordinating pieces of cotton fabric and fleece lined which helps prolong the heat of your tea for a little more than 1 hour. Tea Cozy measurements are: 9½ “x 11”. The ribbon/cording tie at the top of the cozy and the elastic base creates a snug and custom fit allowing it to conform to the size and shape of your teapot.

Also, included with your tea cozy are 4 matching/reversible coasters. Measurements are: 4 ½” squared with the same coordinating cotton pieces and fleece lining, then machine quilted to hold its shape.
This tea cozy is featured on a tea pot that is a 6-cup tea pot.

I also take custom orders. Made in the USA!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Cafe Cup – A Ceramic Tea Cup From Tea Forte

PRODUCT REVIEW: Cafe Cup – A Ceramic Tea Cup From Tea Forte

Where to buy: Tea Forte’

Product Description From Tea Forte:

Our elegant porcelain tea cup ensemble is one of our signature service items. The custom cover keeps tea hot while revealing the leaf of our pyramid infuser. After steeping, remove the lid to enjoy a piping hot, aromatic cup of tea. Each cup is beautifully packaged in a handcrafted wooden box. The cup holds 8 oz.

Product Review from Taster:

I must say that I have about 10 Tea Cups that I use often and a few accessories but I am more into purchasing and obsessing about the actual tea than the tea accessories or other products.  This Cafe Cup from Tea Forte’ is starting to change my mind about that.

Let’s start from the very beginning of my journey with this product…shall we…

I received it perfectly – and I mean PERFECTLY – packed in an attractive wooden box.  Upon opening the box it was very carefully wrapped in matching green tissue paper.  Everything was safe and sound.  I started unwrapping the contents and first saw the cover and then saw the cup.  Both are bone white in color and lightweight.

I’ve always been a “tomboy” and never very “Miss Prissy” but holding this cup and sipping my tea from it made me feel…well..dainty.

The Bone White color of the cup is perfect for those who are intrigued by the liquid color of the tea or for those reviewing tea like me.  You can see the actual color very clearly.

The first time I sampled tea in this I did steep a Tea Forte’ pyramid bag in it…White Ginger Pear…as a matter of fact.  I used the lid and stitched the trademark Tea Forte’ leafy string thru the top.  It held the pyramid bag perfectly in place…even while transport from the “hot water location” to my desk.

Now…I’m not always the most graceful person and did notice that the tea sloshes around in the cup fairly easy.  I’m not saying this is good, bad, or indifferent, it’s just something I noticed.

I was showing a friend of mine this little gem and he asked me if it came with a coaster.  I thought to myself…self I thought…I bet I could use the lid as a coaster…and so I did!!  I don’t think this has ever been recommended but I did it anyways and I will say that it worked out nicely.

I really like this Cafe Cup from Tea Forte’.  I really had no idea I would have this much to say about it, but apparently I did.

If you ever come across one of these – check it out!