Who doesn’t love TeaMail? A List of My Tea Subscriptions

Monthly subscription boxes are so popular anymore. It seems like you can get just about anything in some form of a monthly box delivered to your house. From dog treats and toys, to clothes, to jewelry, to vegan boxes, you name it, you can find a subscription for it most likely. This is especially true with tea. Tea sub boxes seem to be growing in popular and I have to say, I’m ok with that. There is something so alluring about getting a box in the mail with surprise flavors or blends that you might not necessarily pick out yourself. I personally subscribe to 5 tea boxes a monthly. Sounds like a lot, but I also only drink tea so it works for me.

So with the holiday shopping season just around the corner and people starting to think about gift giving, I’d thought I’d run down a few of my favorite tea subscription plans to maybe give you ideas on what to give the tea enthusiasts on your list.



(1) Plum Deluxe

Plum Deluxe is the one that started it all.  When I first started looking at subscription plans, I wanted something that was affordable and was hand blended.   I instantly fell in love with Plum Deluxe. From the bright purple envelopes you receive in the mail, to their unique and soul soothing tea blends, to the amazing community that surrounds Plum Deluxe.  This company is all about taking a moment and enjoying life.  Their motto is Making Moments Matter and the exude this in every uplifting post, tea blend, and note they include in their shipments.

A quick side note:  When you sign up with Plum Deluxe, you are invited to join the Plum Deluxe Facebook community-which is incredibly active and even has fun holiday swaps.  On a daily basis you see the members of this community encouraging each other through their love of tea.

Cost:  2 options starting at $10 a month (includes shipping)



(2) 52Teas

Probably no surprise this lovely tea company is on my list. I have been a customer of 52Teas for years but only recently pulled the trigger on signing up for a monthly subscription plan.  I actually figured up how much I was spending on stand alone orders with 52Teas and realized I would save money just by signing up. I have to say I’m very glad I did.


Each month, I receive all of the different uniquely hand blended teas that will be offered for the month. The fact that I get a chance to try the blends out before they are released has some great advantages. When the teas are official released on the site, I have a head start on whether or not I want to order more of a tea or not.

Besides that, who wouldn’t want a monthly tea box sent to them full of delicious teas like Blueberry Honeybush Muffin or Bananas Foster Black Tea or Earl Grey Cider Black Tea?

Cost:   Options start at $18  (includes shipping)


(3) BlendBee

BlendBee is one I can’t recommend enough. I love the customer service and delicious fresh teas that are delivered to my door each month.

Every month I receive an email from the amazing Jamah asking me what blends I would like.  You have the option to choose from any blend that are currently being offered in the store or choose from one of the new teas she may be releasing that month.   I’ve even asked for her to tweak a blend here or there and she has happily obliged.  This plan is one of the more custom friendly plans perfect for anybody’s tastes.


Have to love a company that offers amazing customer service and fabulous fresh teas!

Cost:  Options starting at $15  (includes shipping)


(4) Tea Box Express

Maybe one of the more expensive boxes out there, Tea Box Express is a box that I can always bank on getting some really unique and quality tea and/or tea related goodies.  And completely worth every penny!


I have only received two boxes so far from Tea Box Express but i have to say these boxes are worth it. Each month you are sent quality fresh teas from companies that you may not have necessarily tried yet or even heard of. Last month’s box had JusTea’s Mount Kenya Black Tea and that tea has memorized. Also included was an adorable wooden tea spoon (also from JusTea), a herbal tea that you can either drink or use as a facial, and a box of sea salt caramels that were sinful.  Here is my post about my unboxing of the October Tea Box Express.

Cost:  Options start at $25.50  (plus shipping)

logo-4(5) A Quarter To Tea

My newest subscription plan is to A Quarter To Tea. I have always adored their blends and drink them down quite quickly.  So when I saw they offered a monthly subscription plan, I quickly emailed Lauren, asked her a few questions, and promptly signed up.

This particular plan is similar to 52Teas were you are sent 4 different teas each month. I’ve had experienced so many amazing rich and decadent blends from A Quarter to Tea recently that I had to sign up.  To be completely transparent, I am drinking their Eggnog Pound Cake while I write this post up.


What I’m really excited about is this box is A Quarter to Tea’s limited edition teas, the ones that aren’t available in their sampler packs.  Such delicious flavors and so incredibly unique, I had to jump on the chance to get a monthly box!

Cost:  Options start at $16– you can sign up on their Etsy site or their site. (Just a note, if you order through the Etsy site, you will need to sign up every month. If you sign up through their site, there is the option to have recurring billing.)

There are many many other wonderful tea subscription plans out there and I”m sure I’ll sign up for a few more here and there.  Handmade Tea for instance is one that I subscribed to for some time and I know there are several tea subscriptions that deliver more straight teas. So many wonderful tea plans and so little time!

Let us know which subscription plans you currently subscribe to tea related or not and we will randomly draw a winner who will receive a lovely tea care package from The SororiTea Sisters!


Unboxing October’s Tea Box Express Monthly Box

I have always loved and enjoyed Tea Box Express. In my opinion, this box is one of the better tea monthly subscription boxes you can sign up for. Not only do they curate fresh amazing teas from a vast array of tea companies, but you also receive additional tea related goodies like cookies, tea accessories, and even beauty products.  Each monthly is expertly curated providing any tea enthusiasts with a wonderful array of tea fun to enjoy.

It seems like October’s box was curated just for me! This month there was a tea from JusTea, sea salt caramels, a tea to be used for a facial (that can also be steeped up like an herbal), and a lovely wooden spoon.

The tea was brilliant and gave so much love. I actually have started drinking this tea daily and will be sad when the bag is empty.  Never having JusTea before, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But this Mount Kenya Black Tea was smooth, silky, well balanced and so full of flavor.  I found myself gulping this tea down cup after cup.  Another wonderful reason why Tea Box Express is perfect for any tea enthusiast.  You  may get a chance to experience teas you may never have thought of trying or had a chance to try as is the case with this tea for me.

My next favorite goodie was the sea salt caramels from  Liddabit Sweets.  They were insanely gooey with that
sweetness tangled and a hint of salt complimenting the flavor nicely.   Unfortunately, these went crazy fast at my house. Between myself, my hubby, and my stepsons, these were gone in just a few days.  But I do have plans on picking more up for the holidays.  They will make great little add on gifts or stocking stuffers.


I have yet to try the facial steam or even brew the tea up like an herbal. I’m waiting for a time when I can properly pamper myself with a good book and a few minutes where I can just relax.


As for the wooden spoon (also from JusTea) -its a wonderful accessory to have. I’ve enjoyed using it for my impromptu tea parties that I’v been enjoying with this tea box.

All in all, October’s box was perfect. Each piece fits perfectly into my tea drinking itinerary.  For the price, you are getting an amazing value and array of treats. I am looking forward to what November’s box will bring!

For all of our readers, Tea Box Express is offering an amazing deal, perfect for the upcoming holidays.  Use TEAHAPPY when checking out and this will give you 20% off your box.

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy: Tea Box Express

Explore the world of whole leaf tea! Tea Box Express is a monthly box for tea lovers. Every month features different brands and types of tea and interesting accessories.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Elevating Your Tea Game: Halloween Cozies from Linda’s Passion

Drinking tea is only half of the fun. Having a really unique tea accessory or mug is the other part of the tea drinking process. I can’t explain it but having the right mug in hand with a relaxing freshly steeped brew just really puts you in the right frame of mind.

halloweenteacozy2That is exactly how I feel about my amazing Halloween Tea Pot Cozy from Linda’s Passion, an Etsy shop.  I mean just look at how great my tea pot looks!

This particular tea pot cozy has wonderfully spooky fabric that is made to look like the outside of a haunted house, perfect for Halloween. Pack full of ghosts and spiders, this cozy really brings about that holiday feel to any tea party or just for yourself!

I’ve used this cozy so many times since receiving it and I have to say, I really enjoy having this additional accessory. Handmade, this cozy gives your tea pot that extra barrier to help keep your tea warm. It used to be that I would rarely make giant pots of tea by myself, but with this new cozy, I’ve found myself doing just that more and more. I just love it and will use it all year round, not just during October. I’m sort of a horror geek, so this fits perfectly.

Each cozy is lined with fleece-helping keep the tea or water warm for about an hour. I have to say this is pretty spot on.  All you do is basically just slip the cozy onto the tea pot and tighten the cording. That is it. Super easy to put on. I don’t own  a lot of larger tea pots and the one I do own is a funny shape. As you can see in the picture above, the cozy fits just fine on mine!

Linda’s Passion offers so many awesome Halloween designs, I mean just look! I’ve got my eye on a few of these. . .

il_570xn-1036528984_jh2e il_570xn-1036528886_9ylg il_570xn-1110164353_jslp

Each handmade cozy comes with 4 adorable fabric coasters, which I find myself grabbing all the time. I’m always spilling a drip  here and there and its nice that I have these handy.    So many great cozies! I just need to buy more teapots to fit these adorable cozies!

Be sure to check out Linda’s Passion Etsy Shop. It’s full of these wonderful cozies and for all different seasons and designs. Like I said earlier, I’ve got my eye on several of them! Perfect for that gift giving season that is just around the corner.

Here’s the scoop!

Where to Buy: Linda’s Passion


Tea cozies are a must have for tea lovers and have been a staple accessory for generations. They are a perfect addition to any setting such as:
– Afternoon Tea with friends
– Baby Showers
– Bridal Showers
– Business events
– Holidays
– Tea parties
– Wedding Receptions

This beautiful hand-crafted tea cozy will fit 6, or 8 cup Tea Pots. My tea cozy is made with two coordinating pieces of cotton fabric and fleece lined which helps prolong the heat of your tea for a little more than 1 hour. Tea Cozy measurements are: 9½ “x 11”. The ribbon/cording tie at the top of the cozy and the elastic base creates a snug and custom fit allowing it to conform to the size and shape of your teapot.

Also, included with your tea cozy are 4 matching/reversible coasters. Measurements are: 4 ½” squared with the same coordinating cotton pieces and fleece lining, then machine quilted to hold its shape.
This tea cozy is featured on a tea pot that is a 6-cup tea pot.

I also take custom orders. Made in the USA!

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!