Signature Batch No 6 from Teakoe

SignatureTeakoeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Teakoe

Tea Description:

Satisfy your palate with this perfectly crafted blend of estate grown teas. Our 6th batch achieved its signature status by balancing bold flavor with a smooth finish. The result… superior tasting iced tea.

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Taster’s Review:

Ever made up a huge batch of tea only to be incredibly disappointed by the results? We’ve all been there.  There are a few companies out there that make more of a gourmet style iced tea bag to share with others.  In the past I’ve been so excited.  I’ve prepped everything up per steeping instructions and poured myself a huge glass.  Take one sip and I’m disappointed in the flavors either being fake tasting or just non existent.  Even over dominating sometimes. This situation sound familiar at all?

Well, not to sound like a commercial for this particular tea or tea company, but seriously look no further!! Teakoe has some of the best  iced teas I have ever tasted.  They are now a family favorite and have been demanded by the fiance to be a staple in our house.

Teakoe creates their iced teas in small batches with love and care.  You can tell.  This one in particular may just be my favorite.  I brewed this up to the steeping specifications, put ice in my cup, and poured myself a glass.  Took a sip and I just sat there and enjoyed.  This tea is a beautifully done and well crafted black tea.  On the back of the package it reads Black Tea + Artistry + Brilliance.  I whole hardheartedly agree.  This tea is just simply a slightly flavored black tea that is smooth, rich, and well rounded.  it says there is bergamot in the tea but I honestly can’t say I tasted that.  I did pick up notes of a slight citrus kick but it was ever so slight and subtle, which I’m glad.  I could see this tea getting off the tracks fast and being over thought or complicated.  I think that is what I like the best about this tea, the simplicity of it.

I can’t recommend this tea enough and have literally made a note on the fridge to order more soon.

Front Porch Peach Iced Black Tea from Teakoe

Front-Porch-PeachTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Teakoe

Tea Description:

Enjoy blissful moments and gather inspiration by drinking this juicy blend of peach, ginger and licorice root. Take time to sit back, reminisce and envision what the future will bring.

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Taster’s Review:

To say this tea was a hit was an understatement for yesterday’s fam get together.

Yesterday my parents came over for dinner.  We rarely seem to have them over for dinner and find ourselves mostly going to their house for any kind of gathering, so I was excited to finally return the favor.

Knowing that my dad was coming, I thought I would make up some iced tea to enjoy with dinner.  I was digging thru my tea and saw this package from Teakoe.  So far  I have enjoyed their Craft Iced Tea line and was excited to sample some of this with my dad and Jason.

This time around, I adhered to the directions on the back of the package instead of just cold brewing the tea overnight like I have before, but I did leave the tea bag in the pitcher and put it in the fridge.

My parents arrived and as I have been taught, I offered them a beverage as soon as they showed up.  I asked Dad if he wanted to some tea and he said, “Well Yah!” I gave him his glass and continued getting mom something to drink.  Before I had finished getting my mom a glass of sparkling water, my dad is already asking me for seconds on the tea.  I couldn’t believe it.  I gave him a pretty full cup. So I refilled his cup and gave him and Jason a cup.  Before I could finish getting my kids their drinks for dinner, Jason and my dad both are asking for refills.  So like I said. . . to say this was a hit would be an understatement.

Jason was out grilling when I handed him his glass and he came in to the kitchen and asked me what I had given him to drink and where would he need to go online to order more.  My dad was too busy downing another glass to really add anything more in.  Before I was even able to try this tea, the two of them had drained the pitcher and I was hoping the tea bag would hold up to a second steeping.  It did.

I was able to try this (I stole a few sips out of Jason’s glass), but I swear this tea tasted like a tea blend with rooibos in it.  It didn’t.  I looked over the ingredients several times over.

After dinner, Jason and I were talking about the tea and he asked me what was in it.  I listed the ingredients on the back of the pouch-peach, ginger, and licorice.  He said that he could taste each and every flavor and that it was the perfect iced  sweet peach tea with a hint of a wow factor in each sip.  I asked him what the wow factor was and he said a hint of a zing with a sweet background.  That made me laugh.  He couldn’t tell me what he thought of the tea base itself, just that all the flavors worked together and it was pretty darn close to being perfect.

Even tho I may not have cared for the tea, the guys certainly did.  To each his own tea I guess and this tea has already been requested as a re-order.   I’m happy to oblige! From what I’m hearing from the cheers and praise for this tea, this tea would be perfect to sit on the front porch and enjoy.

39th Parallel Pear Iced White Tea from Teakoe Tea

Parallel-PearTea Information:

Leaf Type:  White & Green Teas

Where to Buy: Teakoe

Tea Description:

Inhale the fresh air and let your spirit soar while sipping this uplifting infusion of crisp pear, lemongrass & chamomile. Admire America’s scenic landscape, cruising a mile high with a bird’s eye view.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

It has been crazy hot these last few days.  Time for iced tea!

I love the idea of throwing a tea bag into a pitcher over night and in the morning you are greeted with a gourmet iced tea to take along with you on the way to work.  This is something I have been doing with my loose leaf tea quite a bit lately, but I love the idea of the tea already being in a bag for me.

Recently, I discovered Teakoe, a company in Colorado that creates their teas in small batches.  I couldn’t wait to try them and this was one I had my eye on from the start.  The packaging is fantastic.  I love the overall look of the pouch.  So very cool.

I followed the instructions on the back of the pouch and away I went.  In the morning, I poured myself two pretty nice sized travel mugs for the start of my day.  I couldn’t wait to try this fun combination of white tea, green tea, chamomile, lemongrass, and pear.  The one ingredient I hadn’t counted on was stevia.

Unfortunately, my first go around with this tea, the stevia was the first flavor that popped and really dominated the cup.  But fortunately for me, I brought along the tea bag, so I just finished what I had brought with me while I was steeping the tea bag again in a pitcher I keep at work.

The second infusion was a lot better.  I think a lot of the stevia poured it’s little heart and soul into the first infusion so there were just traces of it in the second.  This infusion was full of flavor.  Bright crisp pear, vibrant lemongrass, a delightful herbal note of chamomile, a rich buttery green tea with a sweet white tea to finish off the sip.  You can’t get much better than that.  I ended up getting two more infusions out of the tea bag.  The next infusion was just as good as the second one where I was able to really pull out those bright flavors.  By the fourth infusion, I knew I had tried my luck one too many times.  The flavors were weak and barely there.  But hey, I was on my fourth infusion. I was expecting this sort of flavor from the 3rd infusion.

I am quite happy with this tea even with the stevia issue.  I found myself wanting more  of the tea the next day so the stevia must not have darkened my opinion of this tea too much.  I think this was a great first experience with a new tea company (to me at least).  I hope all my experiences are this great with Teakoe!