Kensington Palace Afternoon Tea from Tealicious Tea Company

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Tealicious Tea Company

Tea Description:

Our Kensington Palace Afternoon Tea is a blend of our high quality Ceylon tea mixed with fresh jasmine blossoms, natural bergamot and blue cornflowers. A perfect tea to entertain with.

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Taster’s Review:

How lovely!  The first time I tried this tea – a few days ago – I had wrongly compared it to the incredible Earl Grey Excelsior (also from Tealicious Tea Company) which was a little unfair … yes, the Earl Grey Excelsior is amazing but, these are two different teas and should be treated that way.

Now that I’ve have a few days time since my last tasting, I recognize this tea for the delight that it is.  The bergamot flavoring here is a softer bergamot.  Still quite noticeable, but, not as vibrant as you would find in a standard Earl Grey, but then, this isn’t a standard Earl Grey but an excellent spin-off from that classic.

What makes this Kensington Palace Afternoon Tea so unique to me is the addition of the jasmine blossoms which adds just a hint of floral taste to the cup, not enough to make it taste overtly flowery but just enough to make my taste buds perk up and say “hey … what was that?  Take another taste so I can explore that flavor more.”  The addition of jasmine not only brings its own lovely floral notes to the party but also highlights some of the natural floral tones of the bergamot.

The black tea here is a smooth, delicious Ceylon tea which gives it an overall mellower flavor, which makes it a perfect choice for the cup, as both the tangy bergamot and jasmine flavors are milder flavors as well.  This tea is a wonderful afternoon tea.  This is the kind of tea that would be ideal to serve at a luncheon or a afternoon tea party.

Another lovely tea from Tealicious Tea Company … so far, I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from them!