Turm It Up!/BlendBee. . . .

Right off the bat, this tea has two things that I love: 1. a punny name (I mean, come on.) 2. powerhouse ingredients that boast all sorts of good-for-you claims!

Now, to be fair– this isn’t a tea in its traditional sense. There are no leaves, there’s not even your typical dried herbs found in most tisanes. This is a bright orange powder chock-filled with all sorts of health-assisting goodies (so the internet claims– remember, I’m no doctor!) designed to make it easy-peasy for you to whip up all sorts of healthy morning tonics. Now, while I am as much a fan of a golden milk latte (a traditional milk-based spicy turmeric drink), this blend leans a little more fruity thanks to its hibiscus, ginger, and lemon peel blended in, among other things– so maybe save your milk for another mix, this one is best with water.

After trying this concoction straight a few times, I had a moment of revelation the other day when I saw some lemonade hanging out in my fridge (what is summer if not prime Arnold-Palmer time?)– why not make this tonic lemonade-based? I added 1.5 tsp to about 10 oz. liquid and shook it like, well, you know how the song goes. While I don’t think the powder ever 100% dissolved into my liquid, a few shakes before every few sips worked perfectly to keep things blended. This was tart and spicy, but also fruity and delicious– a fantastic afternoon pick-me-up that’s good for you, to boot! I will absolutely be trying this mix in other blends to come– maybe a smoothie or two? As usual, Blend Bee knocks it out of the park!

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Herbal

Where to Buy:  BlendBee


Get your daily dose of turmeric with this bright, fruity & spicy blend. Perfect for iced turmeric drinks & tonics. Turmeric is an incredible superfood packed full of benefits. Enjoy Turm It Up Tonic for an killer boost!

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