Organic Jade Oolong from Two Leaves and a Bud

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Oolong

Where to Buy:  Two Leaves and a Bud

Product Description:

Our Organic Jade Oolong starts off with leaves that are nicely rolled packages that then unfurl completely when steeped. Organic Jade Oolong brews to a glassy green color, with a lightly floral fragrance and delicate, sweet nuances in its flavor.

Taster’s Review:

This is a beautifully complex Oolong.  I think that is what I adore most about Oolong teas is that they have this wonderful complexity to them that I don’t find in many other teas types.  So many layers of flavor!

The aroma of the dry leaf is quite vegetative with hints of a floral background note.  As the tea brews, the fragrance softens, and interestingly enough, the vegetative essence does not translate very much into the flavor.  There are some slightly vegetable-tasting notes in there, but, what I get mostly are sweet notes of fruit and flower.

The sip starts off sweet and crisp.  It is a delicate taste that develops.  Floral notes weave their way in and out of the sip.  About mid-sip, a somewhat sour fruit note arrives – not an overwhelming taste, but it seems to be just enough to help lighten the sweetness a bit.  The sip ends with a soft sweet flavor and a light, tangy astringency.  The astringency is very slight and does not interfere with the sweet aftertaste which is incredibly pleasant.

I love this Oolong – I highly recommend it!  This one is great iced too!

Organic Lavender Earl Grey from Two Leaves and a Bud

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Two Leaves and a Bud

Product Description:

We added organic French lavender flowers to an Organic Assam base to create this smooth, refreshing and relaxing Lavender Earl Grey. Layers of wild honey and a light bergamot citrus finish make this the perfect variation on a theme for Earl Grey fanatics.

Taster’s Review:

I am, indeed, one of those “Earl Grey fanatics” as mentioned in the above description.  I love Earl Grey!

And the more Earl Grey teas that I drink, the more I am starting to discover just how much I like the Earl Grey with Lavender varieties.  I like how the flowery notes of the bergamot meld with the flavor of the lavender.  It creates a unified floral tone for the cup.

The base of this tea is a strong Assam tea.  It has a malty note to it and a bold character that holds up well to the sometimes aggressive flavor of bergamot.  By doing so, the bergamot remains strong but doesn’t overpower the cup and come off tasting pefume-ish.

One might think that the addition of the lavender would increase the odds of it tasting perfume-ish, but it really doesn’t.  This addition allows the floral tones to flourish, however, the Assam is sturdy enough to keep the flowery notes from going crazy.

This is a very pleasantly smooth, rich tasting Earl Grey with a lovely twist.  It has a light astringency and a sweet finish.  If you like Earl Grey, you’ll love this one!

Savings on Organic Earl Grey Tea from Two Leaves and a Bud!

Here is a note from our affiliate, Two Leaves and a Bud:
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organic erarl grey teaA long, long time ago, legend has it that Earl Charles Grey was shipping black tea and bergamot oranges in the same cargo.  When the Earl’s ship finally arrived at port, it was found that the black tea had absorbed the essence of bergamot into a perfectly balanced black tea with light citrus notes. Earl Grey was born.
Two leaves and a bud’s Organic Earl Grey black tea is one of the best Earl Grey’s found in a whole leaf tea sachet. Rather than use a blend of low quality black tea, two leaves and a bud’s Organic Earl Grey uses big, black leaves from the Ceylon region of India. A hint of natural organic bergamot oil (derived from bergamot oranges) is layered on top of the tea to give Organic Earl Grey its classic flavor.
Speaking of flavor: two leaves and a bud’s Organic Earl Grey doesn’t disappoint. The tea’s quality, organic ingredients take the Earl Grey flavor you know and love to a whole new level. You’ll experience deep, robust flavors of black tea brightened and complemented by the subtle citrus tones of bergamot.
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LiberTEAS says:  Two Leaves and a Bud’s Organic Earl Grey is an excellent Earl Grey.  It has a wonderful bergamot flavor without tasting perfume-y.  I highly recommend it!

Organic Hojicha from Two Leaves and a Bud

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Two Leaves and a Bud

Product Description:

A Japanese tea-master created a Hojicha for two leaves and a bud like we’ve never tasted before – naturally sweet, young stems of the tea plant yield a smooth, round, almost textural feel in the mouth. It is medium-bodied with a complex but approachable flavor.

Taster’s Review:

I simply love Hojicha tea – I love the roasty-toasty flavor, the hint of smokiness, and the smooth flavor and texture of it.  But what I love most about Hojicha is that sweetness that comes from it.  It has a natural sweetness to it that is almost like honey – a note that is further enhanced by the smooth mouthfeel.  It’s a little like sipping on a thin honey.

This Hojicha from Two Leaves and a Bud is really delightful.  Actually, I am thinking that this is more like a blend of roasted Kukicha and Hojicha, because mostly what I see in this blend are stems and twigs, with a few roasted tea leaves in the mix.  But, since I love both Kukicha and Hojicha, this tea combines two great tastes that taste great together!  (um… that sort of sounds like a commercial for a candy bar, doesn’t it?)

I love Hojicha served hot or iced.  Hot, it is quite good served neat and clean with no additions (although it is very nicely paired with some of these crackers from O Pair), and iced, it is positively refreshing with a squeeze of lemon!

This Hojicha is divine – It is sweet and savory at the same time.  For those out there who resist green teas because they don’t like that grassy taste – try Hojicha.  The roasting of the tea leaves and stems removes the vegetative taste that is often associated with green tea, and replaces it with a lovely caramelized quality.  Delicious!

20 Percent Off Jasmine Petal Green Tea

Two leaves and a bud Jasmine Petal Green Tea Jasmine tea is simply tea leaves that have been harvested, prepared as green tea, and then jasmine flavor is added.

Higher quality Jasmine tea, like two leaves and a bud’s Jasmine Petal green tea, is harvested in April and May, and when June arrives, the tea is spread out for five nights and the Jasmine flowers that bloom that month are laid on top of the tea. Tea absorbs odors very easily, and so during the cool nights, the premium green tea is basking in the floral scent, building up a nuanced taste profile.

If you’ve never had this quality tea, it’s a revelation when you taste something like two leaves and a bud Jasmine Petal green tea. This is the sort of tea you taste as much with your nose as with your tongue, as its delicate, flowery Jasmine flower scent lingers over the cup.

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