Cold and Flu Relief from Virginia Tea Company

Sometimes you need an herbal tea with lots of roots and leaves and ingredients to make you feel like you’re brewing up a cup of healthiness.  With peppermint, yarrow flower, ginger, echinacea, and elderberry this Cold & Flu Relief blend from Virginia Tea Company really fits the bill.  I’m not a doctor, but if you buy into this kind of thing, these herbal ingredients promote all kinds of benefits like aiding in digestion (mint), settling a nauseous stomach (ginger), and boosting your immune system (echinacea).  There’s also a little pop of vitamin c from the tart elderberries.

This naturally decaf blend is good to drink any time of day, especially if you’re feeling under-the-weather and are getting ready for a midday nap. The overall flavor is smooth and minty, cooling on an itchy throat, with a slight sweet, licorice root undertone from the yarrow flower.  Though there is ginger in this blend, the spice is very mild. You’re not drinking this tea for a kicked-up spicy chai. This is the perfect cup to drink when you need something soothing and gentle, or need a warm beverage to mix with honey to soothe a sore throat.

Whether you aren’t feeling well or are just having a hard day, this blend will help you find some relief and comfort.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: Virginia Tea Company
Description: Mother always said the best thing for the flue is to drink something hot! Even better, this hot liquid also includes healing herbs to help your immune system fight your illness.

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Get a Boost with Green Tea +C Citrus Ginger

Green Tea + C Citrus Ginger from Sencha Naturals is an effervescent drink mix made with green tea, ginger, and orange flavoring.  Like other immune-system-boosting fizzy drinks, this powder bubbles and hisses when mixed with water, like seltzer tablets.  The powder and the drink smell super spicy with ginger and tangerine citrus.  Drinking this beverage, there is a tart bite of citric acid, like the sourness in chewable vitamin C tablets.  The ginger heat comes through in the aftertaste, bringing a warm and buzzy mouthfeel.

As a green tea, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product.  The green tea base is lost among the orange tartness and slight chalky consistency of the powder.  However, I would recommend trying this out an alternative to fizzy, immune-boosting drinks.  Green Tea +C is unique in that it is the first effervescent drink mix I’ve used that includes green tea in the ingredients.
At the end of a weekend, when I’m tired and facing another week, I sometimes feel like I need a boost, both mental and physical.  That’s the time of day that I’d reach for something like Green Tea +C.  The bubbles and tart orange flavor are energizing and zesty and I like the idea that I’m powering myself up with some Vitamin C, ready to face another Monday.


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green tea powder
Where to Buy: Sencha Naturals
Description: We believe that nutrition should come from whole food ingredients, versus synthetic vitamins. Whole leaf green tea, acerola cherry, coconut water, and supporting herbs to help you stay well. Serve hot for a gingery warm and citrus-y bright cup of tea.

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Summer Kiss from Red Leaf Tea Company

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Red Leaf Tea Company

Product Description:

This tea is blends organically grow black tea leaves with flowery accents. It will enable you to rise up on the hottest day of the year with a body filled with a clear and cool spirit. Our blend creates a unique and powerful mix of sweetness and tartness, adding a bright morning alertness to our brews. To create this special jumble of lightness and vigor, we have added red rosebud, purple mountain rose hips and hibiscus to the basic leaves of our black tea. Sweet flavors require expert handling, and we have the skills to offer you the greatest morning tea in the nation.

Tasters Review:

I, for one, am overly ready to KISS SUMMER hello!  So when I saw this Summer Kiss tea from Red Leaf Tea Company I was very happy.  I know you aren’t supposed to judge a tea by it’s name – but I couldn’t resist!

This black tea had large rose buds in it and shouted SUMMER!  It was highly scented and the taste was pleasing – that is for sure!  The product description mentioned hibiscus – to be honest I didn’t notice it – and that is coming from someone who doesn’t favor hibiscus.  I know of the healthy benefits of hibiscus and really wished I did LOVE it but I usually find it too tart or too sweet or distracting for me.  I will say – whatever Red Leaf did with it in flavoring the black tea here – is PERFECT!  At least for my personal preferences!

The black tea taste is a little weaker of the black teas I have had but  that is ok…I don’t think a big, bold, black would work here with this blend…so again…Red Leaf is “right on”.  Then there is the rose.  The roses are beautiful and very flavorful!  I recently found this nutritional info about infusing rose buds and petals and thought I would share it with you…

Rose hips are consumed in tea in part for their nutritional value. According to, a single ounce of rose hips contains 24 percent of the recommended daily value of vitamin A, 5 percent of calcium, and a whopping 199 percent of vitamin C. Native Americans used rose hips in teas, and then, rather than discarding the remaining hips, added them to soups and stews because they were too nutritious to waste. Rose petals have also been used to make tea, but their nutritional content has not been studied.

This is a healthy, fun, summery tea!  I sure did put a smile on my face!  I think it will put one on yours, too!

Rooibos Superfruit Tea from Choice Organic Teas

Tea Type: Rooibos

Where To Buy:
Choice Organic Tea

Product Description:

Paired with fruit, this jewel-toned red tea is slightly sweet, full of flavor and refreshing. Grown in South Africa’s Cederberg Mountains, rooibos has long been prized for its restorative qualities. Hibiscus, rosehips, orange, and schizandra berry are known for their high levels of vitamin C.

Tasters Review:

This is tremendously aromatic. It smells like grapefruit at first but I quickly realize it’s more ORANGE than anything else.

As for the taste I can taste Orange, Hibiscus, and Berries! The flavors are overtop of the rooibos flavor and it’s fruity, citrusy, and a little tart. Nothing I can’t handle…which leads me to believe the hibiscus isn’t jam packed in there which is fine by me!

I would have to say the primary flavor and scent is the ORANGE tho! This is very flavorful for a bagged rooibos! I like it hot but KNOW I would like it ever more iced and for the upcoming spring and summer weather I think it would be marvelous!

Secret Weapon from DavidsTea

Tea Type: White Tea

(Fruit/Herbal/White Tea Blend)

Where To Buy: DavidsTea

Product Description:

This blend just might give you the edge you need to stay healthy this fall. It’s a white Bai Mu Dan, so it’s naturally high in immunity-enhancing antioxidants. Plus it contains licorice and goji berries, a Chinese wonderfood reputed to have 500 times more vitamin C than oranges. The best part? The almonds and cocoa nibs. They don’t fight colds, but they make this an amazingly tasty weapon of choice.

Tasters Review:

Upon opening the package this smells like nuts!  Lots and Lots of Nuts!  Almost a peanut butter type aroma.  Underneath I can smell a little fruit and even less flower-likeness.

I’m not gonna lie…I stole an almond sliver before infusing…it was tasty!

After infusion this smelled like almond but more mellow. I can also taste the Goji Berries slightly.   The white tea itself has a great clean flavor!   I can’t really taste the licorice much…but that’s ok with me…oh wait!  There it is…it’s “on the assist” and on to the aftertaste…but only a hint!  It seems to squeak it’s way in there!

This is a creative and comforting blend!  It’s fun and unique!  I’m very happy about this tea it seems to be the full package!  Good and good FOR you!