Athlete’s Recovery Organic Black Tea / Fraser Tea

Never judge a tea by it’s look or smell.

This one smells like shampoo. It’s really throwing me off. It’s not a bad smell though.

A natural, sweet, and somewhat floral scent. The wet leaves have the same aroma as well. The liquid is dark amber, a pretty typical black tea color. The flavor is unlike anything I’ve tasted for a black tea before. With each minute that passes the Turmeric becomes stronger.

It has citrus and floral scents with a fruity whisper. After an hour or so of snowing some heavy snow this tea is exactly what I needed. It boasts itself as a recovery tea and with ingredients like turmeric and ginger I can see why.

Whether you just worked out, just woke up, or need a lift I highly suggest you give this one a try.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Black
Where to Buy: Fraser Tea

Our Athlete’s Recovery Organic Black Tea combines rich blueberries and sweet cherries, from the shoreline of Lake Michigan, with turmeric and ginger to create a recovery blend to help fight inflammation and support an active lifestyle.  Enjoy this heart-healthy and detoxifying blend as an iced tea- its refreshing. Crafted and inspired by long summer days of sipping fruit punch in the sun, Athlete’s Recovery tea may help dial back the effects of aging in a fresh, flavorful and wholesome way.

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