Benefits Lemon and Echinacea from Bigelow Tea . . . .

This week, my Health points were hit with a triple whammy: day-after sore muscles from kickboxing, monthlies, and I caught the cold going around, waaaaaaaaaah. Needless to say I busted out my favorite treatments – acetaminophen, zinc and herbal tea lol.

Ordinarily I prefer loose leaf teas, but I do like that this is Bigelow Benefits – lemon echinacea is bagged for convenience on the go. Also, if the herbs are broken up, they’ll release their goodness (or placebo effect) to me faster… right?!?! The brew tasted like a Chord of flavor, Lemongrass provides the main note, then sweet mallow and finally a hint of herbaceousness from the echinacea (which lessens the severity/duration of colds).

Also included: a bit of fennel for tummy relief, Sage as a decongestant, Elderflower for crunchy mom powers, and lemon balm for mental ease. This is still drinkable medicine when brewed with my other go-to tea bag for colds, traditional medicinals “throat coat”.

I’d recommend for cold season and in travel bags, Bring on the wellness!


Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Herbal
Where to Buy: Bigelow Teas

Looking to Stay Well every day! Authentic Echinacea and crisp lemon with a smooth relaxing herbal end note. All of us know how important it is to put good things in our bodies to help us stay strong. That desire was the inspiration for the Bigelow Benefits line, everyday teas that fuel your body with good for you ingredients. But of course, flavor is everything to the Bigelow family, so we designed this line to taste fabulous and help support your well-being. We believe our Benefits teas, as part of your everyday routine, can help you define the life you want to live! Caffeine free.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Ever Been Curious about Steeped Tea? Matcha Green Tea from Steeped Tea

Matcha Green Tea from Steeped Tea is straight-up matcha! That’s right…Green Tea Powder…as many of you already know!

There really isn’t a LOT to say about Matcha Green Tea from Steeped Tea but I will certainly try. It’s a more mellow tasting matcha that is for sure. It’s smooth, too! The natural creaminess is nice! Matcha Green Tea from Steeped Tea smells like green beans and tastes like green beans.

I guess one of the reasons I like straight-up matchas and like to spend some time with them is to see how they are alike but also differ. I’ve had some vegetal matchas before. Some that have tasted like specific vegetables such as peas, artichokes, various leafy greens, even, but Matcha Green Tea from Steeped Tea is a fine example of a straight forward green bean flavor found in a stand alone matcha!

This was nice hot or cold. It was an easy cup to drink! The matcha dissolved nicely in the hot water! A great starter matcha for sure!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea/Matcha
Where to Buy: Steeped Tea
This premium silky smooth green tea is full of antioxidants.
Ingredients: Green tea.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha from My Matcha Life

Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha from My Matcha Life? Yes, please!

Let’s get right to it, shall we? Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha from My Matcha Life shows off a vibrant green, fluffy powder upon cracking the top of this matcha tin!

It smells like creamy green veggies! An aroma I absolutely adore! Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha from My Matcha Life didn’t froth up as easy as some other matcha tend to but that didn’t matter much to me. At least not today.

Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha from My Matcha Life is a very strong matcha, naturally! I found this quite impressive! It tasted like spinach at times but smoothed out nicely for a creamier end-sip!

Their matcha tea is grown in the fields of Japan in the Kagoshima Prefecture at the south-western tip of the island of Kyushu and on the island of Honshu near the city of Kyoto where matcha tea actually originated 800 years ago. I can understand why they chose THIS specific hearty matcha to feature as their ceremonial matcha! With the top-notch quality, the rich history, and impressive aroma and flavor you can’t go wrong!

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Green Tea/Matcha
Where to Buy: My Matcha Life

Tea Lover’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea offers a richer, more complex flavor compared to other organic ceremonial matcha teas. Approximately 30 servings per tin.

Our matcha teas are grown in the finest tea fields of Japan, nurtured by the world’s top Tea Masters and traditionally stone-ground to a rich 100% pure matcha tea powder.

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Raspberry Matcha from Tea’s Me

Flavored Matcha. Yup! I will try just about any flavor. (As long as it’s vegan and this one is). So when I saw Raspberry Matcha from Tea’s Me I knew I had to spend some time with it.

This not only has green matcha powder it also has natural raspberry flavor and pure cane sugar, too! I will say that I was able to taste the raspberry flavor AND the pure cane sugar right away. And I know this review will be a little backwards but I feel like I need to address the flavor right away this time around.

The pure cane sugar is just that – pure. It didn’t have a fake taste to it. The Raspberry flavors came thru nicely. When the raspberry and the pure cane sugar are put together like they were here they lingered long after the sip. I think the pure cane sugar helped the raspberry flavor along. I think the raspberry flavor toned down the sugary notes. Any more sugar and I’m not sure I would have liked the cup as much as I did…and I DID enjoy it! This is a full flavor FLAVORED Matcha – I will point out. So if you are looking for a berry type flavored matcha I would recommend you try this one. It’s unlike anything I have ever had before.

Based on this winning experience I hope to some day try Tea’s Me’s other two flavored matcha flavors which include Blueberry and the other being Vanilla.

Now…if you will excuse me…I think I will go have another cup of Raspberry Matcha from Tea’s Me…Nom, Nom, Nom…

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Matcha
Where to Buy: Tea’s Me

Natures Super Drink (1573 ORAC antioxidant rating)
Whether you want a boost of energy, refreshing drink or healthy cooking ingredient, Tea’s Me raspberry matcha is here for you. Matcha is one of the healthiest drinks on earth and now boasts an amazing taste. All of our Matcha is sourced from Japan, the birth place of Matcha 500 years ago. Great for cooking, lattes, smoothies and of course tea.
Ingredients – 100% Organic Matcha, Cane Sugar and Raspberry Extract

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Organic Soothing Lemon Wellness Herbal Tea from The Cozy Leaf

lemonwellnessTisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Rooibos & Herbal Blend

Where to Buy: The Cozy Leaf on Etsy

Tisane Description:

(Organic Caffeine Free Rooibos Tea) This tea blend has a sparkling-like lemon flavor which gives this blend a fresh and lively character – terrific served hot and sensational served iced! This tea is very soothing when served hot with a little honey, perfect for those winter sore throats! Rooibos is an ultra fine, delicate tea and once brewed it will produce a hearty red color with a warm scent. Rooibos holds a superior, natural sweetness that is unsurpassed with a smooth and aromatic after taste! 

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

This Organic Soothing Lemon Wellness Herbal Tea from The Cozy Leaf is indeed a soothing blend!  As I’ve said before (and will no doubt say again in the future), rooibos isn’t my favorite tisane, but, I find that I do like it better when it’s organic (and yes, there is a difference that’s discernible in the taste!)

I also like how the nutty and earthy tones complement the lemon-y notes here.  The lemon isn’t an in-your-face kind of flavor … just as the name implies, it’s soothing.  It’s a calm, gentle flavor that is a little bit tart, a little bit sweet and even a wee bit bitter.  I find that this tends to be true of blends with the citrus peel in them.  Not a bad thing – the contrast keeps the cup interesting.

The lemongrass enhances the citrus tones in a sweeter way, and adds a hint of smooth, buttery taste to the drink.  I like that this is a relaxing cup of tea that warms me up when I drink it hot, but is also tasty when served iced.  I feel good when I sip it – it’s a very uplifting sort of tisane.

The Cozy Leaf was previously known as Teas and Tapestries, and we have reviewed a couple of their teas here on this blog.  They have a very impressive line up of teas, I think I might have to visit them again when my tea budget allows!  A really nice company and a really good product.