White Christmas from Harney and Sons. . . .

White Christmas announces on the tin that it is white tea with almond and vanilla flavors. When I opened the tin, there was an aroma that was none of the above. Then when I steeped the tea, the aroma was even stronger. It wasn’t white tea, it wasn’t vanilla and it wasn’t almond, but I couldn’t place it and thought at first it might be some kind of mint.

Time to cheat! Looking at the list of ALL ingredients in the tea, I see it! Ah ha! Cardamom! Of course! Ooooo, I really like cardamom! More lemony than mint, but still a high note rather than a deep one. There are also white chamomile blossoms, to remind one of snow.

Someone asked me tonight what white tea tastes like. I told them it often tastes the way hay sitting in warm sun smells, and that’s why some people prefer it flavored. I think this white blend should have plenty of flavor for anyone. Just don’t expect it to be merely almond and vanilla, since the cardamom is a powerful player here.

Harney’s sachets are intended for twelve ounces of water, not a mere five or six like most teabags. And since this tea resteeps, you can get quite a lot of tea from this tin of thirty sachets.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  White
Where to Buy:  Harney and Sons

Recline in front of a glowing fire while the snow drifts, and the tree lights twinkle. A sip from this warm and nutty blend completes the perfect winter wonderland. Features hand-picked white tea blended with almonds, vanilla and cardamom, accented by white chamomile flowers. Tin of 20 sachets. Each sachet brews a 12 oz cup of tea. Caffeinated.


Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

White Christmas from Lupicia

Tea Information:

Leaf Type: Black

Where to Buy: Lupicia

Tea Description:

Tea flavored with white chocolate and apricot, conjuring up images of baked Christmas sweets.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I received a bagged sample of this with my Lupicia Magazine this month. You get the “magazine” which is more of a leaflet when you place an order of thirty dollars or more with Lupicia. Once you qualify for the magazine you receive it for one year. In each issue is one free bagged tea sample. I have found several new Lupicia tea favorites this way. More information on the magazine and samples here.

This tea has an okay aroma. I have to note here that I am not too fond on anything apricot flavored. I am not sure why but the flavor and aroma just turns me off. I don’t mind fresh apricots, but as a rule I have only found maybe one or two apricot flavored teas I enjoy. With that said, this tea does have that “off putting” apricot aroma. Yet there is also something else here I find pleasing. The chocolate perhaps as Lupicia does have many well flavored chocolate teas.

Upon the initial sip this tea is quite pleasing. There is a nice robust black tea base which is detectable in flavor even with the apricot and chocolate flavors. The apricot flavor in this tea does not come across as off putting as the aroma for me. That is a plus. I would also note that the white chocolate does taste like white chocolate and not that of milk or dark chocolate which gets points from me as well.

I am noticing as the tea sits a little the apricot aroma I was not enjoying has settled down and blended nicely with the chocolate aroma and that of the tea itself, no longer off putting. That is interesting.

I walked away from my tea for a few moments to let the flavors mingle on my palate and I was surprised to notice how long the flavors lingered. No bad aftertaste was detected – rather a quite pleasing one!

The mouthfeel is somewhat thick, and creamy. Close to a hot chocolate mouthfeel but not quite. I could however see younger people enjoying this tea during the holiday season because of the feel and flavor.

It is definitely a sweeter tea but does not have unnecessary sweetness and is not cloying.

Overall a nice cup. I don’t think that I am in love with this tea, and if I were not a hound for Lupicia’s collectable tins I probably would not rush to grab this one, but it is nice, and I think many of the younger people, and non tea drinkers in my family will enjoy this over the holidays. I can also see this tea being tweaked for other holiday drinks, with or without alcohol. I think this would be a good purchase regardless.

 Another apricot tea I can add to my stash as well!