Apples and Snowflakes Tea from Karma Blends

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: Karma Blends

Product Description:

Apples and Snowflakes made with White Tea

Add romance to your day with our Apples and Snowflakes. Inspired by the season of fall, just the aroma of this tea is enough to put you in another world. Flakes of white mint candy add a sweet touch. We promise you will replace your apple cider with this one!

Ingredients :- White Tea, Cloves, Mint, Apple, Mint Candy.


Tasters Review:

The White Flavored Tea is unique in EVERY WAY and I LOVE THAT!

When I saw this had chunks of mint candies in it I HAD to try it!

When I saw the textures of all the ingredients I was very curious!

THEN…when I infused this tea – I was shocked and amazed!  The color of the infused liquid is something I have never seen before! It was like a murky pink/peach/gray type color.

The aroma was a gentle mint and even gentler apple.   The taste had a nice white tea with a juicy but not tart apple and lovely mint notes.

This is so different yet so fabulous!  I really, REALLY like this!  A truly unique, fun, and tasty flavored white!  Two thumbs up for Karma Blends!

Darjeeling Avongrove from Camellia Sinensis

Tea Type:
White Tea

Where To Buy:
Camellia Sinensis

Product Description:

This white tea is very unusual combination of Darjeeling terroir, pure assamica tea, and the artisanal expertise of Avongrove’s Mr.Subba. Large silken buds give a relatively dark infusion and liquor due to the assamica’s chemistry. Rich and creamy in the cup with a smooth, full attack of cocoa butter and hazelnut notes that linger into a long pleasant aftertaste.

Tasters Review:

I’m just going to say…right off the bat…I LOVE THIS WHITE TEA!

I don’t think you understand…I love it!  I mean I REALLY LOVE IT!

Darjeeling Avongrove from Camellia Sinensis has amazing cocoa notes after infusing.  It really came alive once I added the pipping hot water!  The natural aroma is very powerful and truly crave-worthy!

The taste is delicious!   It has cocoa and hazelnut hints but the white tea itself is top quality and smooth, silky, creamy, and a true delight!

This white tea really has me craving more!   I just might declare this one of my favorite white teas of all-time!

Let’s just say it had me at HELLO.

Jasmine White Tea Classic from Shang Tea

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: Shang Tea

Product Description:

Ingredients: Organic White tea leaves, Jasmine flowers- Antioxidant Rich

Artful and exquisite, combining our high quality white tea leaves with jasmine blossoms. Harvested in warm weather when the tea leaves grow quickly and form sweet, tightly-formed leaves

Tasters Review:

I guess you could say I am finicky or down right picky when it comes to Jasmine Tea.  I don’t want something that is what to strong that leaves a funky-lingering aftertaste like stale flowers and I don’t want something that tastes like hot water either.

Jasmine White Tea Classic from Shang Tea is one of the BEST Jasmine Flavored Teas I have ever had!

The Jasmine isn’t IN YOUR FACE and it doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste either!  The Jasmine is just the perfect amount for me and I LOVE the fact that they paired it with a White Tea!!!

This is really terrific!

Strawberry Cascade Tea from White August Tea Company

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: White August Tea Company

Product Description:

Awe-inspiring bai mu dan white tea, overflowing with strawberries, rose petals and creamy coconut. The perfect compliment to the perfect day.

Tasters Review:

The smell of this is unique…it’s sort of hard to explain but I would try by saying the rose comes thru more than the other ingredients but you can tell there are other ingredients within this mix…something slightly fruity but not very identifiable based on aroma alone…I think that is because the coconut fragrance interrupts the fruit and the rose overpower both the coconut and the strawberry.   But the aroma is lovely, regardless!

The taste is really wonderful!

The white tea flavor hits you and the strawberry is the prominent flavor on the tongue but it’s still somewhat mellow and isn’t tart at all! The rose comes thru a little too and the coconut takes the back seat but seems to step up to the plate a little more as it cools.

What a beautiful, gently flavored, tasty White Tea!  I really like this!
It’s a great cup – both HOT and COLD!!!

I’m a fan of  Strawberry Cascade from White August Tea Company and I must say I haven’t met a White August Tea I haven’t liked so far!  They have a wonderful selection and LOTS of tasty teas!  They are quickly becoming a tea company suggest to many of my friends!


Secret Weapon from DavidsTea

Tea Type: White Tea

(Fruit/Herbal/White Tea Blend)

Where To Buy: DavidsTea

Product Description:

This blend just might give you the edge you need to stay healthy this fall. It’s a white Bai Mu Dan, so it’s naturally high in immunity-enhancing antioxidants. Plus it contains licorice and goji berries, a Chinese wonderfood reputed to have 500 times more vitamin C than oranges. The best part? The almonds and cocoa nibs. They don’t fight colds, but they make this an amazingly tasty weapon of choice.

Tasters Review:

Upon opening the package this smells like nuts!  Lots and Lots of Nuts!  Almost a peanut butter type aroma.  Underneath I can smell a little fruit and even less flower-likeness.

I’m not gonna lie…I stole an almond sliver before infusing…it was tasty!

After infusion this smelled like almond but more mellow. I can also taste the Goji Berries slightly.   The white tea itself has a great clean flavor!   I can’t really taste the licorice much…but that’s ok with me…oh wait!  There it is…it’s “on the assist” and on to the aftertaste…but only a hint!  It seems to squeak it’s way in there!

This is a creative and comforting blend!  It’s fun and unique!  I’m very happy about this tea it seems to be the full package!  Good and good FOR you!