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Organic Golden Monkey Black Tea


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Organic Golden Monkey Black Tea
(Jin Mao Ho)
Organically grown

Origin: Wuyishan, Fujian, China 武夷山‧福建‧中國
Style: Fully oxidized, full bodied, light roasted, fruit aroma
Loose leaf style: Slender tightly curled
Loose leaf color: Brown and gold
Wet leaf style: Crimson
Tea color: Golden Crimson
Certification: USDA, BCS, JAS certified organic

Golden Monkey is one of Wuyi Yen Cha (Wuyi Rock Tea, grown in spaces between mountain rocks) originated in Wuyi area of Fujian Province, China. It is one of the finest black tea from China. Golden Monkey tea is a mix of brown tea leaves and gold new buds, only hand processed in spring. Local legend says its name came from the monkeys help to harvest tea leaves grown in the crevices between rocks; modern interpretation is that the leaves look like monkey claws. Golden Monkey is full bodied with natural sweetness and fruity aroma, fully oxidized and light roasted. It is recommended to taste it without sugar and milk, you may open another door to black tea.

Golden Monkey Black Tea is in slender twisted shape, the volume is larger than other black tea. Thus we need about 1.5 tsp of loose tea for 120cc(4oz) 90℃-95℃(190F-203F) water. Steam about 1 min for the first brew to unroll the leaves, 30 seconds for the second brew, and dboule the timing for the following brews. Provides 3 or more infusions. The tea leaves need to be fully expanded in the container, remember not to put too much loose tea to avoid over packed and bitterness.
Once you get familiar with the tea, you may explore your tea by adjusting brewing time and loose tea amount.

Gaiwan, bone China, porcelain teaware, or glassware

Tasters Review:

Every Time I think of Golden Monkey or Monkey Picked type teas I can’t help but think of those Monkey-Creatures in the Wizard of Oz Movie that swoop down…I mean REALLY…wouldn’t THAT be a sight to see!?  THOSE Monkeys swooping down to earth to pick TEA!?

Anyhow…just had to share that with you…I guess it just goes to saw you how odd my thought patterns can be sometimes.  On to the tea notes, eh!?

Organic Golden Monkey Black Tea from auraTeas is a lighter, less bold Golden Monkey but also very smooth and tasty.  It’s semi chewy and very nice both hot and/or cold!

Have you ever had a strange association with a specific tea that only YOU would think of?  Let us know in comments…