Houjicha – Dark Roast from Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations

Company Description:

Roasted green tea, or Houjicha is unlike any green tea you’ve tasted before. With a richly smokey flavor that is simultaneously light and sweet, houjicha has none of the bitterness of traditional green teas. And like decaf coffee, the roasting process removes the caffeine from the leaves making it the perfect after dinner / before bed drink.

Taster’s Review:

I have always been fond of Houjicha (or Hojicha) green tea because I really enjoy its deep roasted flavor.  This is one of the best Houjicha teas that I’ve encountered.

Even though the tea has a roasted and somewhat rustic taste, the tea still maintains an unbelievably smooth flavor and consistency.  It has a slightly earthy/woodsy, smoky note that unites almost seamlessly with the roasted flavor.  It has a silky mouthfeel that is almost a contradiction to the roasted earthiness of this tea.  A delightfully delicious contradiction.

What I like best about Houjicha tea is the sweet, caramel taste that the roasting process imparts upon the leaves.  It seems to remove much of the vegetative notes of a typical green tea, and the buttery notes seem to turn to a rich, buttery caramel taste.  So YUMMY!

And I learned something new by visiting the Obubu Tea Store… I did not know that the roasting process removes the caffeine (I don’t know how much of the caffeine it removes) – but it is certainly good to know!  This Dark Roast Houjicha would make an incredibly comforting tea to enjoy on the forthcoming cold autumn evenings.

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