Matcha from Zhi Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Zhi Tea

Product Description:

Our special grade Organic Green Tea powder from Japan.

Exotic, potent, and very flavorful. High in antioxidants. Versatile and healthy.

Try our Matcha in creative recipes, too.

Taster’s Review:

I love Matcha, but, it is a tea that I do not indulge in very often.  The issue is not the cost as much as it is the tools (gadgetry) that are required for the preparation.  I’m not big into ritual when it comes to making tea – I’m all about keeping it as simple as possible.  And, while making Matcha IS simple enough, it does require a few extra tools that I don’t ordinarily use when I make tea.  This, of course, means a little extra clean up… and all these little extras add up.

But I do try to have some Matcha at least once a week.  It is incredibly good for you, and more than that, it’s incredibly delicious.

What makes Matcha so much better for you than other tea types is that you’re consuming the entire leaf.  You aren’t simply steeping the flavor out of the leaf.  Instead, the tea leaf (usually the shade-grown Gyokuro) is ground into a very fine powder and then whisked in hot water to dissolve.

This delicious Matcha from Zhi Tea is a very fine quality Matcha.  The flavor is rich, vegetal, and sweet.  There is also a bitterness to the Matcha that gives the flavor a very pleasing balance.  As long as it is mixed in the proper proportions and is whisked thoroughly, it doesn’t taste or feel chalky.  It has a very smooth, creamy quality.

I don’t add anything to my Matcha – no milk or sweetener – although, in the summertime, my favorite breakfast food just happens to be a Matcha Smoothie!  I simply blend together some yogurt (or Kefir), a fresh banana and an assortment of frozen fruit pieces, along with a tablespoon of Matcha.  The color of the smoothie is a somewhat strange pea-soup green, but, the flavor more than makes up for what it lacks in visual appeal.  It is refreshing and satisfying.

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