Key Lime Coconut from Teas Etc.

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Teas Etc.

Product Information:

Sweet coconut and tart key lime bring the cool refreshment of the islands to your cup.

A crowd favorite at the 2010 World Tea Expo, our Key Lime Coconut Black Tea is the first in a new line of flavored/blended teas that use all natural (not natural identical), organic or essential oils for flavoring.

Taster’s Review:


I haven’t had the opportunity to try very many of Teas Etc.’s blends, but I am glad that I got the opportunity to try this one.  I just visited their website, and I couldn’t find this tea … perhaps it is sold out.  I hope they haven’t discontinued it – because it is delicious!

The key lime flavor is well-defined in this blend … from the very first moment I opened the package I could smell the lime, and from the very first sip, I could taste the citrus-y tart lime flavor.

The coconut is also a strong flavor, although it is a little softer than the lime, but it does develop as I continue to sip.  The first couple of sips … not so much coconut, but now, as I’m nearing the bottom of the cup, the coconut is almost as strong as the key lime.  The coconut lends a sweet, creamy note to the cup and I love the contrast between the tangy flavor of lime and the sweet coconut.

The black tea is a mellow black tea, smooth and free of bitterness.  Not a lot to really say about the black tea other than that, it isn’t a strong or aggressive black tea, but it isn’t overwhelmed by the flavors either.  It seems content to let the key lime and coconut do most of the work.

I haven’t tried much from this company in a while, so I am glad I was able to try this tea.  I just placed an order with them, so watch for a couple more teas to be reviewed in the near future!

NOTE:  To follow up about the availability of this particular tea, Teas Etc. replied to my email and informed me that this is a seasonal tea and is currently out of stock.  If you contact Teas Etc. via their contact page and inquire about this tea, they will notify you via email when the tea is back in stock. 

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