Sugar Plum Cinnamon Spice from Culinary Teas

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Culinary Teas

Product Description:

Our Sugar Plum Cinnamon Spice tea has a rounded sweet plum flavor fused with a blast of cinnamon spice!

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Taster’s Review:

Several years ago, I tried my very first sugar plum.  It was a delicious confection that I found in an old time candy shop, reminding me vaguely of the sweet jelly candies that are covered in sugar … only tasting of plum instead of orange or lemon.  Only a few days ago, I had learned that maybe that sugar plum I tasted back then wasn’t actually a real sugar plum, at least, not a traditional sugar plum.  So, I’m back to the point I was before … I’ve never actually tried a sugar plum.

So, I can’t tell you from experience that this tea does or does not taste like sugar plums.  But what I can tell you is that it is YUMMY!

The black tea base is a delicious black tea, fairly strong … I’d actually describe it as brisk.  It isn’t an overpowering flavor but it manages to make its presence known along with the other flavors without attempting to overwhelm them.  It tastes smooth, it isn’t bitter, and it has a moderate amount of astringency to it.  A very pleasant black tea providing a solid background of flavor.

The cinnamon is really interesting in this cup, because even though it would appear to be the strongest note in the cup, it isn’t really what I would consider a strong cinnamon flavor.  Yes, it’s there, it’s gently spiced, but, it isn’t a powerful amount of spice.  It’s more like the flavor of cinnamon you might experience from cinnamon-sugar toast:  sweet yet warm, and quite delicious.

I think it is the way that the cinnamon mingles with the plum in this particular tea that makes it so interesting.  The plum is sweet, but it doesn’t taste like a fresh plum.  It doesn’t taste like a dried plum (or prune).  It tastes… actually, it kind of tastes like the candy that I told you about at the start of this review – what I believed at the time to be a sugar plum.  It has a fruit candy-like taste to it rather than a fresh fruit or even a dried fruit flavor.  There is also a distinct tangy note that lingers in the aftertaste that is definitely plum flavor … it tastes quite a bit like my gramma’s homemade plum jam.  Delicious!

What I like best about this particular tea – aside from the memories of my gramma’s delicious plum jam – is that it is incredibly warm and inviting.  I found myself shivering a bit this morning, as the temperature has dropped … and this is the tea I reached for.  It warmed me from the inside out.  This tea is a very comforting experience, like happy moments from childhood warming my very soul.

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