ITFA Global Tea Taster’s Club, December’s Shipment, Part 2: Green Tea

Leaf Type:  Green

Produced By PT Harendong Green Farm

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About ITFA Global Tea Taster’s Club:

By subscribing to the Global Tea Tasters Club, you will receive tea from ITFA tea farms 6 times per year. Each time, we will select a different region to feature and as we grow in tea farm members, so will your tea experience.

Your tea will also be accompanied by info about the tea and the tea farms themselves.

To know where your tea is coming from, who has grown and produced it, to taste the difference in teas from around the world…what could be better?

Taster’s Review:

At first glance, I wouldn’t guess that this tea was a green tea.  The dry leaves look very much like a green Oolong, possibly a Tie Guan Yin.  The leaves are rolled into tight pellets, just like a green Oolong would be.

However, upon closer examination, I began to recognize significant differences between this and an Oolong.  The aroma is more like a green tea, with a fresh, distinctive grassy tone.

The tea infuses to a lovely pale green color, and the flavor is rich and the texture is broth-like.  I wouldn’t call the flavor “grassy” exactly, at least, not in a bitter/grassy context.  Instead, this has a sweet flavor with a savory vegetative note, like the flavor of a mild steamed vegetable.  There are delicious nutty notes in the background.

This is very smooth and a pleasure to sip.  As I continue to sip, I notice that the savory tones of this tea develop, enhancing the vegetative notes but not overwhelming the sweet flavors.  A remarkable green tea from Indonesia, I am so glad I had this opportunity to taste it.

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