Murmur Tea from Handmade Tea

Tea Type: White Tea

Where To Buy: Handmade Tea

Product Description:

Murmur starts with a white peony base which features the signature unopened tea bud and two accompanying leaves. This tea has beautiful delicate notes of juicy honeydew drizzled in honey, with accents of darker fruit and chocolate. Next, the strawberries are added to accent the white peony’s fruity notes and add a little tartness to the back of the palate. Lastly the cacao nibs contribute to the rich, classic chocolate taste that pops mid palate.

Tasters Review:

I’m very saddened by the news of Davy Jones’s passing.  I am a HUGE life-long Monkees Fan.  He was my favorite.  I especially LOVED the episode of the Brady Bunch he appeared in – taking Marcia to Prom.  A friend of mine had a mutual admiration for him and told me today she, too, swooned over him!  I’m sure we are not the only two who’s hearts he made sputter.  I had two cups-worth of this tea today in his memory!  RIP Davy Jones!  You will be missed!

I seriously LOVE the whole concept of this company! Everything about the company shouts QUALITY!

Caleb from Handmade Tea sent us a good size tin of this lovely white tea offering along with 3 small sample tins. In each sample tin were each of the 3 individual ingredients that were in this tea. He does this because we wants tea lovers and his customers to be able to see, touch/feel, and smell each of the ingredients stand-alone. Another PLUS for doing this is if a specific tea drinker would like a little extra of one flavor in the tea they are able to add a little more if they wish! GENIUS! How many times have we said…I wish such and such had a little bit more (enter ingredient here).

Caleb also sends great information along with the tea! This is wonderful! It tells me he’s really taken the time and effort with his tea offerings!

His packaging is just as impressive! Like I mentioned above the tins are wonderful but the labels are great as well! And…the brown fitted boxes that hold the tins that hold the tea are neat, too! He secures the box with twine and presses a good-ole-fashion wax seal on top!

As for this specific tea…I think it’s very good! I have to say the White Peony, alone, is right up there with the best quality of Peony I have tried! The dried strawberries are amazing! The cacao nibs are mixed sparingly thru-out the loose leaf mix…I must admit I purposely added a little more from the sample tin! I TOTALLY LOVE THE FACT I CAN DO THIS!!!!

The flavor is great! The Peony and Strawberry combo is the highlight and the cacao is like a back-up dancer! Very nice!



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