Strawberry Sencha from Tea Chai Té

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Tea Chai Té

Tea Description:

This Japanese sencha tea is flavored with bits of strawberry, creating a strong aroma reminiscent of frolicking in the buff, hand in hand with your lover, through a strawberry patch.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

On Tuesday, my dear husband took me out for lunch in the Sellwood neighborhood in Portland, and after lunch, he pulled up directions to the new Tea Chai Té in the neighborhood and asked me if I wanted to go.  Yes, I proclaimed quite enthusiastically!

I have tried teas from Tea Chai Té, but I haven’t actually been to either location (they have another location on 23rd Street in Portland).  So, I was really excited to check out this tea lounge.  This establishment is an old, red train caboose turned into a tea lounge.  This is not one of those fancy tea houses (although I like those too), this is a lounge, complete with a comfortable, casual atmosphere where people were reading their tablets and browsing the internet on their laptops.

I had ordered a 20 oz. cup of this tea iced, as well as purchased a 1 ounce loose leaf package to take with me.  And while I did enjoy the tea that they made for me at Tea Chai Té (and the guy who worked the counter was so pleasant), I have to admit that I’m finding this cup that I made myself to be much better than the one that was made for me.  This tastes stronger than that one did, so I suspect that either they should have made a more concentrated brew before icing it.

This is amazing.  The Sencha tastes and feels smooth and buttery.  The green tea offers a barely-there grassy note in the distance, while allowing the strawberry flavor to be the focus of this cup.

The straberry melds deliciously with the aforementioned buttery tones, giving it an almost berries and cream kind of quality.  Sweet, juicy strawberry flavor that tastes very authentic – like someone had liquified a fresh, ripe strawberry and added it to my teacup.  YUM!

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