Ceylon Cinnamon Tea from Cinnamon Vogue


Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to buy:  Cinnamon Vogue

Tea Description:

Experience the magic of a truly amazing Cinnamon tea. Made with high quality Ceylon Tea and Ceylon Cinnamon Bark oil. Instead of inserting tiny pieces Cinnamon bark in the tea bag (not very effective in such small quantities) we infused this tea bag with ultra premium Cinnamon Bark oil which gives it a wonderful aroma and a truly sophisticated taste. That means it has real Cinnamon with zero artificial or natural flavors. No other Tea in the world will come close to the refined taste or deliver the astounding benefits of this Cinnamon tea.

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Taster’s Review:

I love cinnamon tea – especially when there is a delicious, true cinnamon taste that is both sweet and spicy … just like the spice itself.  And this Ceylon Cinnamon Tea from Cinnamon Vogue is a perfect example of what I’m talking about!  This is so yummy!

The cinnamon is strong but it doesn’t overwhelm the black Ceylon tea base.  The black tea has a bright, brisk flavor … it isn’t what I’d refer to as a “bold” tea, I think I’d refer to it as a medium-strength tea with a full flavor.  There is a fair amount of astringency to this tea that starts toward the tail of the sip, and a few moments into the after-sip, I notice a slight “pucker” sensation inside my mouth.  It is not unpleasant, however, and it seems to draw attention to the delicious cinnamon taste of this tea.

After reading the above description, I’m starting to understand why this tea is distinctly different from other cinnamon teas.  The sachet has been infused with the cinnamon oil.  After reading this, I thought that this may mean that there would be a greasy/oily residue on the surface of my tea, but, there isn’t.  There is just very pleasing cinnamon taste that is – as I said previously – sweet and spicy … just like the spice!  This tastes like real cinnamon, it’s not overly sweet like some cinnamon teas (that end up tasting more like cinnamon red-hot candies than the spice), and it’s not overly hot or spicy.  It’s a pleasing balance of both spicy and sweet.

I really like this tea!  If you like cinnamon … this is one tea that you really should try!

2 thoughts on “Ceylon Cinnamon Tea from Cinnamon Vogue

  1. I never post reviews, but I’ve actually tried this tea brand before and I was excited to see it here! A few months ago, a friend of mine offered me tea. If and when I have tea, I prefer a light-flavored tea, typically chamomile or lavender tea. I had never tried cinnamon tea until she gave me some and I fell in love! The sweet and spicy combo flavor is so satisfying. It definitely uplifted my palette right away along with its soothing aroma. My friend is well versed in herbal remedies and explained the importance of good, quality cinnamon, hence why she buys this Cinnamon Vogue brand. Down to the triangular shape these tea bags have to ensure the delivery of the product be long-lasting and efficient to the quality it delivers. I truly felt like I was tasting something sophisticated and delicate- a well thought out product and taste. Nothing close to an ordinary cinnamon stick! You’re going to love this stuff!

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