Island Coconut Green Tea Blend from Spire Tea

islandcoconutTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

Where to Buy:  Amoda Tea

Tea Description:

The tropical taste of coconut and the ocean-like flavour of sencha meet in this tea. The body is enhanced by the coconut, which makes it deliciously creamy. It has a balanced acidity that makes your mouth water. The chinese sencha brings hints of seaweed and mineral notes. With such a lengthy coconut finish, you can really savour this one.

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Taster’s Review:

YES!  Now that’s the way a coconut tea should taste!

This Island Coconut Green Tea Blend from Spire Tea – part of my Amoda tea tasting box for the month of May – ROCKS!  It has all the qualities that I want from a coconut tea:  delicious coconut flavor that stands out?  Check!  Rich, authentic coconut flavor?  Check!  The flavor is strong, but the tea is not overwhelmed?  Check!

The green tea base is a Chinese Sencha tea – and it is sweet and buttery, and this accentuates the coconut’s natural creamy notes.  There are lovely, lush “green” notes to the tea that are vegetative.  The above description calls them “seaweed notes” and I’d agree with that assessment – especially if I slurp the sip to aerate it.  I also pick up on some subtle grassy tones.  It is sweet, but there is a hint of savoriness to the tea as well, and this offers a palate-pleasing contrast for the sweet coconut notes.

The coconut is the real star of this tea though.  It is so sweet and creamy and yes … decadent!  It tastes like real coconut to me, not an artificial or overtly, sugary sweet coconut, but when combined with the naturally sweet Chinese Sencha, the flavor becomes sweeter. The coconut is very smooth and luscious!

I’ve become quite a fan of the consumer shift towards things that are coconut, and I love the great number of products that are now easily accessible for the consumer like coconut oil, coconut chips, and coconut water.  Coconut water is something that I really like, but I find the cost to be rather prohibitive, and really, I think I’d be just as happy with a cup of this Island Coconut green tea from Spire Tea as I would with a glass of chilled coconut water.  This has fantastic coconut flavor.

I’ve tried a few teas from Spire Tea – and I’m usually quite pleased with what I try from them.  This tea might just be one of the best I’ve tried from them though – it is a coconut tea for those who truly love coconut!

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