Organic Green Tea Powder from Shi Zen

greenteapowderTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green (Powdered)

Where to Buy:  Shi Zen

Tea Description:

Our organic green tea (sencha) is grown on family farms located in small villages in the foothills of Mount Fuji where farmers pride in their commitment to only harvest crops grown in the way Mother Nature intended. Due to its high elevation, this remote Isagawa-Izumidaira and Kawane region of Shizuoka Prefecture enjoys the perfect combination of clean air, pure water, and fertile soil only found in this area of Japan, which allows for pesticide-free farming. 

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I was surprised at how much this Organic Green Tea Powder from Shi Zen frothed up when I prepared it!  I had not expected this kind of performance from a powdered Japanese Sencha tea.  From a high quality Matcha – of course!  But not from a powdered Sencha!  This frothed up as much as a very high quality Matcha, and that froth stayed atop the liquid until I reached the bottom of my bowl!  My last sip of this tea resulted in a tea foam mustache!

And I really enjoyed this powdered Sencha.  Sure, it’s not Matcha.  And it doesn’t taste like Matcha.  It tastes like a creamier version of a high quality Japanese Sencha tea … but with perhaps more of a vegetal edge to it.  It is sweet, grassy, smooth and creamy.  A hint of bitterness hits the palate right around mid-sip, providing a contrast to the sweeter tones.  There are some notes of a buttery-like flavor to the bowl that are reminiscent of Matcha.

And it tastes good … even though it isn’t Matcha.  It is tasty and it’s invigorating; nice for that mid-day slump when you need to recharge!  It’s tasty prepared as a traditional Matcha would be – whisked in a bowl with hot water – and it also tastes great in ice-cold smoothies (or milkshakes!  I had some of this in a rich, chocolate-y milkshake the other day and it was so yummy!)

This is a really great product … and I love that it’s organic!

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