Earl Grey from Sarabeth’s Tea

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Black Te

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Sarabeth’s Tea

Product Description:

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey is one of the most famous black teas in the world. This light tea was made fashionable by Earl Grey, the British Prime Minister after a visit to China in 1830.

Tasters Review:

Earl Grey from Sarabeth’s Tea is a more gentle flavored Earl Grey that I would consider a “relaxing black tea” verses a “Morning Eye Opener” type black tea.  It’s not very strong when it comes to the black tea taste or the Earl Grey taste but the taste that is there is a pleasant one.

The aroma is delightful.

The Bergamot flavor seems to come out more when the water was on the verge of cooling verses a hotter temperature.  I’m thinking this would make a nice Iced Tea or a base for a flavored Earl Grey Flavored Iced Tea.  What I might try to do in the near future is double bag it for a stronger cuppa.

The tin is great and the convenience of the bagged tea is appreciated while on the go!

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