Organic Arya Ruby Darjeeling Black Tea Second Flush from Happy Earth Tea

AryaRubyTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black (Darjeeling)

Where to Buy:  Happy Earth Tea

Tea Description:

Second Flush Arya Ruby is much sought after by Darjeeling tea enthusiasts for its rich muscatel and a floral-fruity complexity. Our earlier batch was entirely sold out even before we could put it up on the website. We are glad we managed to get a fresh stock, albeit limited.

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

YES!  This Organic Arya Ruby Darjeeling Black Tea Second Flush from Happy Earth Tea is the type of Darjeeling that I think of when I think “Darjeeling Tea.”  This is it!  When I say “I think I’d like a Darjeeling Tea today … this is the kind of Darjeeling that moves me to want that type of tea!  This is the Darjeeling I LOVE!

This is as close to perfect that a Darjeeling can get.

As with most Darjeeling teas, it has a lighter body than a typical black tea.  A typical black tea generally delivers a rich and robust flavor while this Darjeeling delivers a crisp and lively flavor.  This has a smoothness to it and a milder astringency than many Darjeeling teas that I’ve tasted.

This is sweet!  Lovely floral notes that weave their way throughout the sip.  Toward mid-sip, I find that muscatel.  Piquant and fruity.  It’s a delicate muscatel note and keeps to the rest of the flavors within the tea.  That is to say that this tea isn’t just about it’s grape-y notes.  This Arya Darjeeling has a wonderfully complex character.

Toward the tail, I notice the dry wine-like astringency.  Again, this astringency is mild, much more so than I might experience with another Darjeeling tea.

I think I just found my favorite Darjeeling tea.  If I could, I’d put this on everybody’s MUST TRY list, because you really have got to try it!

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