Whole Leaf Green Tea with Essence of Key Lime from Eden Grove

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Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

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Green Tea with natural Key Lime Flavor

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Taster’s Review:

This Whole Leaf Green Tea with Essence of Key Lime from Eden Grove is one of the nicer lime flavored green teas I’ve encountered.  What I’m enjoying most is that the lime is gentle – it isn’t too tart or sour tasting lime flavor, and it doesn’t overpower the flavor of the green tea.

The lime adds a bright lift to the cup.  It’s not a strong flavor – just enough to enhance the cup without becoming too obnoxious about it.  And this is something that I’ve noticed with the other teas from Eden Grove.  The teas with “essence” tend to take a rather subtle approach to the flavoring of these teas.  Eden Grove allows the tea to be the real star of the cup while allowing the “essence” to boost the flavor level without overwhelming the tea.  I like that a lot!

The green tea is soft and has a lightly vegetative taste.  It isn’t grassy nor does it have an overpowering vegetal note.  It’s a sweet, fresh “leafy” sort of taste, reminiscent of lightly buttered, steamed spinach.  It’s mild and has a very pleasant, creamy buttery note.  There is a nice contrast between the sweet of the green tea and the sunny tartness of the lime.

A really pleasant cuppa – good served hot … but I think that this one gets even better as it cools.  It makes a great iced tea.

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