Green Pekoe Tea from Simple Loose Leaf

GreenPekoeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

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Tea Description:

Green tea from the Fujian province of China. Green Pekoe is famed as an everyday tea, and is among the most popular teas consumed in China. Its thin, wavy leaves appear almost black when dry. Once infused, however, our ‘Green Pekoe Blues’ reveals its true color. And produces a light cup with a smooth, mellow taste and a gentle, soothing aroma.

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Taster’s Review:

Oh wow!  This is just what I needed today.  As I write this (which is a few days before it will actually publish), I am feeling kind of drained.  Everyone in the household is getting sick!  Ugh!  I don’t feel it yet … except for that weak, sort of drained kind of feeling that I feel.  Lackluster … no energy.  You know what I’m talking about, right?

Today, my box from Simple Loose Leaf arrived, and it came just when I needed something to pick me up and bring a smile to my face.  (Receiving these boxes from Simple Loose Leaf every month always DO bring a smile to my face!)  And this Green Pekoe is the first tea that I’m trying out of this month’s box.

The dry leaf smells very vegetal and a little earthy – like something between freshly cut grass, kelp and the leafy green section of the produce market.  It’s a green tea, so I brewed it at my “go to” temperature for green tea, 180°F.   I measured two heaping bamboo scoops of tea into the basket of my Breville One-Touch.

Well, I sort of “guessed” that it was about two heaping scoops.  These leaves are long and curly like a bunch of tangled up wire!  So, it’s difficult to actually get a heaping scoop out of the package.  You either get more than a heaping scoop … or you get less, as in much less.  Like a few leaves.  This is usually the case.  These leaves are very *independent* and don’t want to hang with the crowd on the bamboo scoop – they want to do their own thing!

So I measured out enough leaves to where it looked like two heaping scoops in the basket.  Then I poured 500ml of freshly filtered water into the jug (fortunately the water is not as independent as the tea leaves and just goes with the flow), finished assembling the jug and set the timer for 2 minutes at 180°F.

And we have green tea deliciousness!

The flavor is sweet and mild.  It’s not an overbearing “green tea” taste – it doesn’t taste too much like vegetables of any sort, nor does it taste bitter or grassy.  I do pick up on hints of steamed artichoke, but it’s not an overwhelming flavor.

It’s smooth and feels soft on the palate.  It has a very satisfying, soothing kind of taste – just the pick-me-up that I needed on this afternoon that was starting to feel kind of down-and-out!  This tea got me out of that funk.

I like the light flavor here, it’s sweet with delicate notes of flower and fruit.  The finish is slightly dry but not overly astringent.  The aftertaste is pleasantly sweet.  This would make an excellent everyday sort of green tea because it has a very enjoyable flavor and it is very relaxing to sip.

This tea helped turn my whole day around!  Thank you, Simple Loose Leaf!

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