Queen Mary Black Tea from TeaLeafs

13225Tea Type:
Black Tea

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Product Description:

Origin: India, Sri Lanka, Kenya – Ingredients: Luxury Black tea – Good flavor tempered with flowery character and malty notes. 50%+ Ethical Tea Partnership, 50%+ Fair Trade Tea.

Tasters Review:
It had been a while since I had a Queen Mary tea and the last time I was in the Buffalo area I stopped by my new favorite store front…TeaLeafs.  It was just a quick stop to get more of their beloved Fig Formosa Oolong that both hubby and I LOVE.   But I bought two other teas, too!  This was one of them! TeaLeafs’ Queen Mary Black Tea is bold, a bit brash, malty, and a semi-crusty floral type flavor to it especially in the aftertaste.  The more it cools at room temp – it gets even more malty…both in taste/flavor and texture.  This is a beautifully bold tea to wake up to!  This was VERY MUCH worth the drive – which for me – was about 2 hours!

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