Li Shan Black Tea from Green Terrace Teas

IMG_1428_Fotor_smallTea Type:
Black Tea

Where To Buy:
Green Terrace Teas

Product Description:
Our founder’s favorite tea – this is a rare and unique cultivar available only in Taiwan. Grown at elevations of over 2,000 meters, our spring harvest is both exquisite and complex in character. Non-astringent and mildly sweet, this black tea has floral and fruity undertones with notes of plum and honey. Its aroma of sweet, ripe fruit is strong and noticeable instantly after the leaves come in contact with hot water. If you’ve never had a quality black tea before, this variety is a must try. Best brewed with multiple, short infusions.

Tasters Review:
YUM!  I would agree that this tea is rare and unique and that first and foremost is why I give this two thumbs up!  From first sniff of the tea liquid – post-infusion, of course – I could smell something sweet – much like honey or mead – and a berry of some sort – fruit – almost like currants or wild berries…maybe even elderberries!  The color of the tea in the cup is that of a weaker or more see-thru lighter brown.  Just because it’s lighter in color does NOT mean it lacks in flavor!  The flavor of this Li Shan Black Tea is truly scrumptious!  Floral and Fruity – YES – but zoning in more on the plum, berry, and honey flavors.  It’s sweet and floral but makes your mouth water.  This is tremendously good hot or cold!  It’s good for multiple infusions starting off with the shorter infusions and moving up the scale to longer infusions.  This is a MUST TRY indeed!

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