Green Tea Peppermint from Tea of Life

Green Tea PeppermintTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Green

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Taster’s Review:

This Green Tea Peppermint from Tea of Life is alright but to be honest, I really expected a bit more than what I’m getting from it.  The flavor is just a wee bit flat and “flat” isn’t a word that I normally would associate with peppermint.

The green tea is pleasant enough – it’s soft and buttery and doesn’t impart a strong, grassy flavor.  It’s a nice complement to the herbal notes of the peppermint.

But generally when I drink a peppermint tea, I’m expecting a burst of zingy flavor.  You know?  That bold, refreshing, unmistakable flavor of mint?  And I didn’t get that with this tea.  My first few sips, I found myself thinking, “There’s mint in there?”  Because it was just sort of … flat and uninspiring.

Now, as I’m about halfway through my cup, I can taste the peppermint and it’s pleasant.  It feels cool and crisp and it leaves that fresh flavor on the palate.  But, it’s still very lackluster and boring and mint shouldn’t be like that.

It’s as I said at the start.  It’s alright but not my favorite selection from Tea of Life.

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