Super Starling Enjoys A Hearty Chai from Choice Organic Teas. . . .

This tea comes in… a bag? A BAG? WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE TAKE ME FOR? A PEASANT?

(Just kidding. Great teas can come in bags.)

This chai has one of the heartiest, butchest bases I’ve ever had. It’s described as a “malty Assam” on Choice’s site, which I think is apt. That phrase is better than anything I would have typed on my own. What I would have typed is:

“This is a rugged-man base tea. Not smoky, like the Marlboro Man. More like Wolverine, after a long day of fighting villainy. He comes home to a dark, crusty bread he just eats whole, without fussy butter or knives.”

Yes, the two manliest men I can conjure up offhand are the Marlboro Man and Wolverine. After that, my brain supplies up John Cena, the Rock, and that hot werewolf from True Blood. (In case you were wondering. Which you most likely were not.)

While the tea’s in your mouth, you’re in Dude Land. As you swallow, the chai spices check in with you to see how your day’s going. This is, technically, a chai (cinnamon in black tea, guys), but I think it’s more of a black tea — with chai elements.

I could see grabbing a box of this and taking it traveling with you. Boxed tea is great on-the-go. I drag along a steeping ball on my vacations, along with a bunch of loose teas, and I worry that some TSA agent is going to think my tea is, well, NOT tea.

And then they’d call in the sniffer-dogs to check, and then — and this is the worst part — they would NOT LET ME PET THE SNIFFER DOG. My hand would reach toward that beagle/lab/Germie and they would be like “NO, YOU TEA PSYCHO. YOU CANNOT PET HIM. HE IS WORKING.”

And I’d cry in the middle of the Pittsburgh airport.

And I am an UGLY CRIER, squad. Pink face. Snot. Puffing up. The whole shebang.

So I guess what I’m TRYING TO SAY HERE is that 1) bagged teas have a time and place, and 2) this is a good example of one that I enjoyed.

See how I tied that digression in? I wasn’t sure it was going to be possible, especially when I got into the airport thing.

Hope you enjoyed this review, and this tea.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy:  Choice Organic Teas

Spice things up with this bold classic, featuring malty Assam tea from India’s Brahmaputra River Valley. We blend rich, robust black tea with masala spices for a spirited cup that warms your body and soul. It blends perfectly with milk and sweetener for an authentic cha

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

1 thought on “Super Starling Enjoys A Hearty Chai from Choice Organic Teas. . . .

  1. I love chai teas and I love your description of malty-assam-manliness in this review, so now I’ll have to give it a try! You’ve also got me wondering what kind of teas are stocked at Xavier Mansion…

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