Earl Grey Tea from Wissotzky Tea. . . . .

For someone who does not like bergamot all that much, I seem to keep coming across Earl Grey inspired snacks all the time. First the London Fog Donut from Glory Hole Donuts and then the London Fog Caramels by Tout de Sweet, both of which I have written about here on SororiTea Sisters. Well, my most recent find is an Earl Grey truffle from The Golden Apple here in Toronto, Canada. Actually, I am not the one who found it, my sister was and she brought it home for me to try.

I decided to brew up an Earl Grey tea to see how the two compare. This particular tea bag is brisk. The citrus, rather than being soft or bright, is sharp. I am not one for adding to my teas but this might benefit from a bit of milk, which should curb the crisp bergamot. I would say this is a good means of waking you up but for me, it is maybe a bit too harsh.

The truffle, on the other hand, beautifully decorated with silver and lilac food paint, is creamy. The chocolate ganache is rich and holds the bright citrus of the earl grey well. I will say that at first the bergamot is more subtle than I would expect from an Earl Grey Truffle but it builds overtime. Maybe not my favorite offering from this particular shop but that could be because I didn’t have high hopes going into this given my personal biases against bergamot. Nonetheless, I can appreciate that it is a nice truffle and those who enjoy this flavor would probably be pleased.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type:  Black Tea
Where to Buy:  Wissotzky Tea
Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

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