White Currant Tea from Caraway Tea

white-currant1Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  White

Where to Buy:  Caraway Tea Company

Product Description:

Juicy aromatic currants paired with the delicacy of white tea leaves delivers a smooth flavor profile with a deeply fruity finish. There’s a lot of flavor is this healthy white tea.


China Pai Mu Tan, China Cui Min, rose hip peel, freeze-dried blackcurrants, flavoring, mallow blossoms, cornflower blossoms.

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Learn more about UniqTeas hereUniqTeas is the “sister site” of Caraway Tea where you can create your own unique tea blend!

Taster’s Review:

Oh yum!

As I was preparing this review, I had the teacup sitting just under my nose (well, about a foot from my nose) and I enjoyed the fragrance of the tea.  It smells really yummy.  And as I was enjoying the aroma, I started thinking:  there really aren’t a lot of currant flavored white teas.  I’ve encountered quite a few currant flavored black teas and maybe a couple of currant flavored green teas, but I think I’ve only tried a couple of currant flavored white teas.

And that’s a shame, because I think that the tart with a touch of sweet flavor of currants seems really well paired with the crisp sweetness of white tea.

What I’m drinking now – this White Currant Tea from Caraway Tea – tastes a lot like a sweet wine, only without the tannic quality of a wine.  Sure, tea has tannins too, but I find white teas to be less tannic than black teas.  Perhaps this is because I brew my white teas at a lower temperature.  Or perhaps it’s because they’re just less tannic.  I don’t know.

Disclaimer:  I’m not a tannin expert.

So, imagine if you would, a sweet red wine without the tannins.  Now, imagine it … served hot.  That’s what I’m tasting now.  Since I don’t usually drink wine hot, I’m thinking that this tea is a stunner served iced.  (Then again, I don’t drink wine much at all.  Hot or otherwise.)

The currant flavor is lightly tart – not puckery – and there is a pleasant sweetness to it too.  The white tea is not overpowered by the flavors of this tea.  It is light and refreshing with delicate vegetal notes and a sweet, airy quality.  I also notice a hint – just a hint! – of a warm, gentle spice to this too.  Like a slight peppery kick.  It’s a nice contrast to the tart and sweet fruit notes and the light sweetness from the white tea.

A really good tea.  This is one that I’d happily drink again!

Roasted Almond from Caraway Tea

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Fruit/Herbal (and Nut!) Tisane

Where to Buy:  Caraway Tea

Product Description:

This festive fruit tisane is great all year round.  It smells like christmas, but tastes like summer.  Sweet roasted, caramelized almonds, apples, and beetroot sprinkled with cinnamon make this a favorite.

Taster’s Review:

This is so yummy!  No wonder it’s Caraway Tea’s #1 seller!

The aroma is warm with sweet cinnamon and toasted nuts.  I can also smell hints of apple in the background … you know, I have to disagree a little bit with the above description, because this smells more autumnal to me.  I can certainly understand where the “Christmas” comparison comes from, but for me, this is autumn.  If I close my eyes and take a big whiff, I can even “see” the beautiful fall leaves on the trees.

This is a light-to-medium bodied tisane that is beautifully sweet.  It tastes like a cross between lightly spiced apple cider and freshly roasted almonds that have been sprinkled lightly with cinnamon and sugar.  And… no, I didn’t add any sweetener to this, that sugar sweetness comes naturally from the beetroot (which also provides a pretty, pinkish color to the cup).

While I am sure that this makes a very tasty iced tea, the autumnal feel of it demands that it be served hot.  It is so cozy and delightfully comforting.  A delightful dessert substitution that is naturally caffeine-free so it can be enjoyed any time of day.  Kids will love this one too!