Uper Fagu Darjeeling Oolong from The Tea Shelf

I’ve not come across many Oolongs from Darjeeling in the years I’ve been drinking tea, but the ones I have tried have always been something special. This one is no exception.

uper-fagu-liqIt starts with the leaf, which in appearance reminds me a lot of a first flush darjeeling (although it’s actually a second) crossed with a very fresh white peony. The are a high predominance of downy silver buds, some verging more on silver or pale green, plus some brown-ish-copper leaves. The scent is sweet and lightly jasmine.

Initially, the taste is subtle and fairly mineral, in the way that some lighter or green oolongs can be. There’s a distinctive citrus flavour in the mid-sip – it reminds me most of grapefruit, with a slightly sharp/sour tang. There’s also some of the muscatel flavour you’d typically associate with a second flush darjeeling, and the pairing is an unusual and inspiring one. As it cools. a hint of dark chocolate starts to emerge, although it’s mostly confined to the very end of the sip and it doesn’t linger long. uper-fagu-infDespite the scent, I didn’t detect any floral flavours in the actual tea, which is a small relief because it’s already quite busy. In terms of mouthfeel, it’s lightly brisk but doesn’t cross over into astringency, despite being slightly drying on the palate.

I enjoyed this one. I’ve discovered that I like Oolongs from Darjeeling in general, and they often have some of the more unique flavour profiles. Mineral, grapefruit, and chocolate don’t sound like they should work together very well, but, somehow, they do. If you enjoy either Darjeeling or Oolong, this one is definitely worth a look.

Here’s the scoop!

Leaf Type: Oolong
Where to Buy: The Tea Shelf

One of the finest oolongs of Darjeeling, the aroma of dark chocolate envelopes your senses, reminiscent of a cold wintry day! The leaves are springy with a moss like mosaic of silver and copper. The infusion shows another surprise with individual leaves clearly visible with bright colours of copper and mauve. The chocolate experience continues but now coupled with citrus and fruity notes. The steeped leaves give way to a gorgeous sunset yellow cup, which is very brisk on the palate with notes of jasmine and citrus, which linger on.

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Pootea Tang Tea from Modest Mix

Pootea Tang Tea from Modest Mix

TeaEqualsBliss’s Review:

First I have to say that this tea company cracks me up but then again I tend to have a twisted sense of humor!  Pootea Tang Tea from Modest Mix is the first of what I hope is MANY of their teas I will sip on!

As an individual my language can be quite colorful so I appreciate the badassery behind the product descriptions, however, since this site wants to remain PG-13 some of what we put here on the site may be altered a tad.

Pootea Tang Tea from Modest Mix makes me laugh, smile, and enjoy this tea and various memories that go along with it!  I immediately ‘got the reference’ to the 2001 Movie that was so bad it was funny!

Pootea Tang Tea from Modest Mix ingredients include: Assam Black Tea, Rooibos, Cacao Nibs, Orange Peel, and Rosehips.  I want to take this time to point out what is so special about some of these ingredients.  The Cacao Nibs are among the most strong tasting I have had in any tea!  Impressive!  The Orange Peels are OUTSTANDING as well…they plump up to large chunks of citrusy goodness once infused!  The Rosehips are a nice addition but sit in the background and I’m totally ok with that.  The Rooibos gives the overall taste an added sweetness that works out well.  The Assam is damn good, too!

Yes…the aroma of Pootea Tang Tea from Modest Mix is what smacks you in the face right away but the taste follows suit!  If you grew up on dark chocolate and/or Orange Chocolate, specifically you MUST try this tea!

As for the second infusion – it’s still good!  It’s not as powerful but you can get a very decent second infusion out of this Pootea Tang Tea from Modest Mix.  Two thumbs up from me on this one!


What to learn more about this tea?

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black/Rooibos Blend

Where to Buy: Modest Mix

Tea Description:

You **cking love chocolate don’t you?  How about some added orange for that tangy zest that your badass body craves?  You’re welcome.

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Chocolate Toffee Crunch from theBeesTeas

ChocolateToffeeTea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black.

Where to Buy: theBeesTeas

Tea Description:

You’ll be amazed at how decadent tea can be when you try this delicious blend. The best part about it (well, besides the taste)? You won’t feel guilty after having it! Tea contains a trace amount of calories, therefore you can have all the flavor without all the calories! In this black tea blend you will enjoy the flavor and aroma of chocolate, toffee, and hazelnut. This tea is caffeinated more than white tea or green tea, yet still a considerable amount less than coffee. Add a splash of milk for a real tasty treat

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I recently discovered an adorable shop on Etsy and picked up a sampler or two of the teas they offered.  So far I have enjoyed all that I have tried. Since I am really trying hard to break out of my box I find myself in (always drinking green or herbal teas) I thought I would try a few new styles for me.  This one really takes me outside my typical tea comfort zone just with the simple fact that it has chocolate in it.  And not just chocolate.

This tea truly is a decadent tea.  Toffee bits, black tea, hazelnuts, cocoa beans, cocoa rice rice, and carob chips.  Basically chocolate lovin’ in a cuppa.  The dry leaves smell like a chocolate marshmallow rice krispie treat.  My mom used to make those when I was a kid with Coco Krispies.  They were so good.  It was just about the only chocolate treat I would eat when I was younger.

Brewed up like a traditional black tea in my Breville, I could smell the tea in the other room.  The chocolate toffee like aroma filled up the kitchen telling me the tea was almost done.  Filled up my cup and sat down with my new paranormal book from the library.  Took a sip and wow.  This tea is like a chocolate dessert of some kind.  The chocolate isn’t the overly sweet kind.  It has a raw cocoa taste to it, which I enjoyed.   I didn’t pick up the hazelnut or the toffee but those flavors could just be adding to the deep rich coca base I’m getting.  Almost dark chocolate like.  I almost wish the smell of the tea would have transferred over to the taste.  I would love to have a chocolate marshmallow krispie treat tea.  Yum!

If I played around with it more, I might be able to bring out more of the flavors or maybe it was because I didn’t shake up the bag enough to get an equal amount of each flavor into the teapot.

All in all, I enjoyed my tea with this tea.  I think others may enjoy it more than me since my true love is peanut butter and not chocolate.  I think I may have to send this to our Liberteas for her to have a taste of it and see what she thinks, along with a few other tea pals.

Gourmet Dark Chocolate Tea from sTEAp Shoppe

Tea Information:

Leaf Type:  Black

Where to Buy:  Steap Shoppe

Tea Description:

Organic Kukicha Japanese Black Tea and Kosher Niligri Black Tea combined with Organic Cocoa Nibs.  Kukicha loose twig black tea has a rich coffee aroma that helps enhance the chocolate flavor of the cocoa nibs.  Giving depth to this loose leaf and twig tea we added Niligri black tea, the flavor and aroma create complexities on your palate. When you think of delicious dark chocolate you can’t go without the added benefit of organic vanilla which embraces the experience of your indulgence in this spectacular cup of tea. 

Learn more about this tea here.

Taster’s Review:

I’ve tasted a lot of chocolate tea over the past several years, and I think that this tea may be the most unique and unusual one that I’ve tried yet.

The base of teas is a blend of Nilgiri black tea and Kukicha black tea which in itself is rather unusual to me, because I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a black Kukicha.  Most Kukicha that I’ve tried has been green Kukicha.  I have tried the oxidized Kukicha, but, I don’t think I’ve ever had it referred to as black Kukicha.

Regardless, the addition of the Kukicha is what makes this tea really unique!  It adds a slightly smoky element to the taste, a somewhat toasty note that is quite delightful combined with the chocolate notes.  It also lightens the body a little bit, giving this a silkier taste rather than a richer, heavier taste.

The vanilla here adds a nice dimension as well.  It doesn’t taste overly “vanilla” or anything … nor does it add a tremendous creaminess to the cup, instead, I think it enhances some of the malty tones of the Nilgiri which melds with the chocolate tones to make for a very smooth, decadent chocolate flavor.

My only complaint, really, is that I’d like there to be more chocolate.  But then, when is that ever not a complaint from me?  I am a chocoholic, and more chocolate is better.  As it is though, I find this to have a pleasant level of chocolate, and I like the way the flavors all come together in this cup.  It’s a little smoky and roasty-toasty, warm, smooth, chocolate deliciousness!

Truly a unique chocolate blend – the more I sip it, the more I like it!

My Cheap Hubby Tea from The White August Tea Company

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: The White August Tea Company

Product Description:

Is your man too cheap to buy you roses and chocolates? Don’t be mad, enjoy all your favorites in this delicious black tea with dark chocolate, sweet creamy cherries, rose petals and Schizandra berries. This Tea comes in a stylish tin and includes T-sacs, so you can enjoy your Tea on the Go. 50g Tin.

Tasters Review:

Chocolate Covered Cherries.

Need I say more?

I probably should considering this is a tea REVIEW site.  I should probably elaborate, huh?

The aroma of this one is out of this world!  Chocolate Covered Cherries to a TEA (pardon the pun.)

The Black Tea strength was comparable to a medium strength black.  The Dark Chocolate flavor was genius but not too much to handle…it blended very well with the other flavors!  The Cherry was NOT bitter or tart but juicy and really made you think you were consuming a chocolate covered cherry!   The Schiandra berry flavor was more noticeable as the tea cooled or if you were to have it iced.  And the creaminess chimed in on the aftertaste more than anything else.

This is a FAB Flavored Black Tea!  Tea-riffic!