Tea Rex/Adagio Teas. . .

This tea is designed to “help you roar louder, roam wider and grow up big and strong, just like a real T. Rex.” WOW, GUYS. THAT SOUNDS LIKE A PRETTY GREAT PLAN.

You’d think that a tea named “tea rex” would be caffeinated, but nope, which means you can enjoy your transformation to King of the Upper Cretaceous Period at ANY TIME OF DAY. The sweetness of the honeybush mingles nicely with the tea’s chocolate & berry notes. It also, for the record, goes nicely with the donut I enjoyed this morning.

If you get a chance, you should go to Adagio Teas’ listing for this. It’s part of a decaf 3-set that also includes “Rocket Fuel” and “Monster Brew.” The packaging for all three of these tins is SO cute. There are tins with lovely, bright illustrations. This would make a great gift for a friend with kids. They can feel like they’re having tea like their parents, but without the caffeine. (The only thing scarier than a little T-Rex is a little T-Rex full of energy.) (Is it obvious I don’t have children?)

Wishing you all a lovely day full of roaring and conquering!

Want to Know More About This Tea?

Leaf Type:  Herbal/Honeybush

Where to Buy:  Adagio Teas


A delicious tea to help you roar louder, roam wider and grow up big and strong, just like a real T. Rex.

blended with honeybush tea, apple pieces, cocoa nibs, dark chocolate chips (contains soy lecithin), raspberries, natural chocolate flavor, dried cherries, natural wild cherry flavor & safflower

Learn even more about this tea and tea company here!

Tutti Fruity from English Tea Store

Tisane Information:

Leaf Type:  Fruit/Herbal Tisane

Where to Buy:  English Tea Store

Tisane Description:

This tea is blended to appeal to the taste of children. These teas can be enjoyed by children and adults alike – either hot or cold! Why not keep some in the refrigerator?

Learn more about this tisane here.

Taster’s Review:

I recently ordered some of this tea to give as a gift, and my friend was nice enough to share a bit of it with me so that I could try it too, since I hadn’t tried it before.

There are a lot of different fruits in this:  apples, raisins, currants, and sweet orange peel.  There is also hibiscus.  As m0st of you know, hibiscus is not my favorite herb, but, I am hoping that there is enough other ingredients in this to keep me sipping.

After steeping for five minutes, the tisane is deep, ruby red.  Hibiscus!  Ack!  Fortunately, though, the hibiscus does not contribute a lot of tartness to the cup, nor does it give off that syrupy texture (at least, it doesn’t after the five minutes steep time).

That is not to say that the tisane is not tart, because it is, but, it is a mild tartness that contrasts well with sweetness of the apple and raisin.  I can also taste the rose in this, which is a really nice touch.  It’s hard to pick out specific notes, the flavors all pretty much meld together to create a cup that is a little tart and a little sweet, fruity and a little flowery.

It’s a nice cup.  Not something I’d drink daily, I’ll leave that to my neighbor!