Ginger Fresh from Herbal Republic

Tea Type: Herbal

Where To Buy: Herbal Republic

Product Description:

A great ginger tea that’s an original ayurveda blend.
Contains ginger, citrus peels, liquorice, peppermint and pepper.

Tasters Review:

Ginger.  Where to start!?  Ginger and I have a back and forth sort of relationship!  Some call me Ginger because of my Red Hair…and that’s fine, I suppose.  I LOVE Ginger in most foods.  Ginger in teas and tisanes!?  Well, that’s where it seems to get complicated!

Most of the Ginger Flavored Teas and Tisanes I have had aren’t really on my LOVE or even my LIKE list.  It seems most of the flavoring is overdone and/or cancel out the other flavors in the blend or mixture.  Sometimes it tastes too herbally or chemically or just spicy or peppery and nothing else!  So, yeah…I guess you can call me PICKY when it comes to Ginger-Type Teas and Tisanes!

Having said that…

Every assumption and thought I had holding me back from having a cup I am now completely throwing out the window! This was a complete surprise and in a good way! It proved me wrong in every way and I certainly don’t mind being proved wrong if the end result is a tasty tea/tisane!

I was so worried this was going to be TOO Gingery for me…it wasn’t…

The Lemongrass totally evened that out…both the lemon grass AND the ginger are gentle yet flavorful and pair well together! I wouldn’t change the ratio any…it’s good the way it is!

I can’t really smell the licorice but I can taste it a little bit and with the licorice and the pepper pairing they also work nicely together and are subtle…again, thanks to the lemongrass.

I can smell the peppermint but the taste of the peppermint really isn’t the flavor in the forefront…it’s just enough to be there – in comparison I would say a little less than the licorice. Maybe moreso in the aftertaste.

This is very different yet quite good and I am so pleased it’s NOT ‘run of the mill’ and even more so excited that it’s more than just ginger!

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