2nd Flush Darjeeling – Margarets Hope Silver Moon from Canton Tea Company

Tea Type: Black Tea

Where To Buy: Canton Tea Company

Product Description: We are delighted to include this as one of our first examples of top grade Indian tea. It is a magnificent high grown Darjeeling from Margaret’s Hope, a tea garden that’s known and loved the world over. The long twisty leaves are a delightful mix of chocolate and copper browns with an abundance of silvery tips. It produces a bright gold liquor with a malty aroma, a well rounded flavour and a sweet, fruity aftertaste. This fresh, brisk tea denotes a well-produced, high grade Darjeeling. We only have a few kilos and then there is no more available – anywhere.

Tasters Review:

These leaves are so fun!  They have quite the personality!  Long, thin, windy, twisty, brown-grey leaves.  The aroma is quite memorable with a malty and almost chewy scent – moreso than any Darjeeling I have tried.

The taste is one to remember, too!  Fairly bold and full but less astringent than most Darjeelings I have tried.  It also leaves you with a pleasant and semi-sweet aftertaste.

I must say this is one of my favorite Darjeelings to date!  Very unique and leaves me wanting more!


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